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Florida’s State University System Outlines Upcoming Tech Goals

In the next fiscal year, the focus will be on several projects, including providing an online toolkit for staff and collecting data from learning management to create predictive analytics tools.

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The State University System (SUS) of Florida, which consists of 12 universities with an enrollment of more than 430,000 students, has outlined several tech-related goals and projects in its FY 2025 Strategic Plan for Online Education.

According to strategic plan documents, the state’s universities rely heavily on online education, with recent statistics showing that 78 percent of undergraduate students take at least one distance learning course and 12 percent enroll exclusively in distance learning courses.

Another notable statistic is the state ranking second in the nation in the percentage of public university students — and third in the number of university students — who enrolled in distance learning courses from 2019 to 2020.

SUS looks to work on the following tech-related projects in fiscal year 2025:
  • Providing an online toolkit and annual workshops for institutional staff who work on professional development activities for faculty who teach online courses
  • Developing FloridaShines as a point of contact for all students — including those with disabilities — to gain access to vital services such as financial aid, scholarships, and library resources
  • Reviewing and recommending data analytic tools and methods to predict student success in online education
  • Collecting data from learning management systems, student information systems and other sources to create predictive analytics tools and interventions to increase student persistence and completion
  • Developing a series of experimental incubation pilot projects to support new and emerging online education innovations through institutional partnerships, lead institutions, or other methods to support collaboration
More information about the State University System of Florida’s FY25 strategic plan can be found online.
Katya Diaz is an Orlando-based e.Republic staff writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in global strategic communications from Florida International University.