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Hillsborough County Shares Tech Needs in Recently Adopted Plan

A few notable uses of tech include implementing a solution that provides top-down management and relief effort coordination for emergency response and enhancing the county’s ERP system.

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Hillsborough County, which encompasses the city of Tampa, recently published its adopted capital improvement program (CIP) for fiscal years 2024 through 2029, highlighting various technology opportunities.

The adopted CIP spans from Oct. 1, 2023, to Sept. 30, 2029, totaling $3.7 billion.

“This is the first year of the biennial budget cycle,” budget documents state. “The CIP is the county’s financial plan of proposed capital projects, their costs and timing over a six-year period in the first year of the biennial budget and over a five-year period in the second year of the biennial budget.”

Below are a few of the county’s upcoming tech projects for FY24-29:
  • Waste processing technologies: According to budget documents, “a new waste-to-energy facility is a technology being considered by the county; however, multiple technologies will be reviewed, including materials recovery, digestors, composting or other technologies, that can adequately process the current and future waste processing needs of the county.” Estimated funding for the project is $612,500 from FY24-29. 
  • Enhancing the county’s Intelligent Transportation System. According to budget documents, “this includes the countywide integration of technology upgrades, including real-time communications to signalized intersections to determine travel demands, provide improved traffic flow, improvements in safety, increased transportation efficiency, enhanced mobility and reductions in fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.” Estimated funding for the project is $90,288 from FY24-29. 
  • Replacing and modernizing county fire rescue equipment. According to budget documents, the project looks to meet the Fire Rescue Department’s operating capital needs, which include the acquisition, replacement, modernization and technology for equipment and facility upgrades. Estimated funding for the project is $31,545 from FY24-29. 
  • Enhancing the county’s ERP system. According to budget documents, “this project will fund a full system upgrade to address improvement opportunities for its Oracle E-Business Suite software and various enhancements to improve efficiency and reporting capabilities.” Estimated funding for the project is $23,534 from FY24-29. 
  • Implementing a comprehensive communication plan and alternate emergency operations center (EOC). This would include implementing “a technology solution capable of providing top-down management and relief effort coordination tools that would help deliver emergency response with incidents such as hurricanes and the pandemic.” It would also include installing communications equipment and a tower to operationalize the alternate EOC. Estimated funding for the project is $2,500. 
More information about the county’s capital program can be found online.
Katya Diaz is an Orlando-based e.Republic staff writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in global strategic communications from Florida International University.