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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Industry Insider - Florida?
Industry Insider – Florida is a premier membership program that provides access to exclusive, in-depth reporting, research and special events on the people, deals, legislation and trends driving Florida public sector IT.

What are the benefits of membership?
Members receive exclusive Florida public-sector IT-related news on state agencies, large cities, counties and special districts…including major RFPs, budgets, success stories and policy updates. Members also can attend exclusive events with Florida public sector IT Leaders and access “Insider Tools”— valuable information on Florida jurisdictions including an IT spending dashboard, one-on-one briefings with IT leaders and a database of IT opportunities, budgets, contacts, org charts, and state term contracts.

What is “Contributed Content?”
Members can elevate exposure for their Florida public-sector team by providing twelve (12) pieces of contributed content annually. This content can consist of case studies, events or news which will be accessible on the Industry Insider - Florida home page or events page and promoted in the newsletter.

If I work in the Public Sector, can I become a Member?
Yes! We provide complimentary memberships to Public Sector employees who sign-up with a valid public sector email address. Visit to sign-up.

I work in the Private Sector, how can I become a Member?
Visit to sign-up for a complimentary trial. To access the Insider content, data and events after the trial, you’ll need to become an annual subscriber. The cost is $5,000 per year, which provides five (5) seats per company member. Questions on membership can be directed to

I am a Gov Tech Navigator member. How does Industry Insider differ from that service?
Industry Insider – Florida is 100% focused on the state’s public-sector IT market. It augments Navigator’s opportunity, customer and market intelligence with in-depth reporting on the players, deals, legislation and trends in Florida…while also layering on engagement benefits from IT leader briefings and in-person events to sponsored content via newsletters and the website.

How do I submit ideas for news stories?
We welcome story ideas or requests regarding topics to cover. Please send an email to Industry Insider’s Executive Editor, Dennis Noone, at

How can I get support or get a question answered?
Need a demonstration? Contact
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