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How to Keep a Pulse on Accountability of Core IT Processes as a Public Sector CIO

A major challenge for a public sector CIO is to deal with the revolving door of talent at the IT leadership level. With IT leaders also wearing multiple hats, keeping a pulse on which core processes your IT leadership are accountable for can be a daunting task.

As a public sector CIO, if you asked your direct reports to put up their hands to flag the core IT process areas that they thought they were accountable for, do you think you'd see accountability conflicts? Are there any areas in which no one would raise their hand? It's important to grasp accountability as IT leaders leave or join your organization so that important process areas are covered and no one area is over-serviced. In the public sector especially, the ability to track which core process is owned by who is important as your direct reports tend to wear multiple hats. As direct reports come and go from your organization, it can be difficult to track which processes are left unaccounted for and what kind of expertise will be required by your backfills. As an exercise around accountability, have a look at the interactive periodic table below and see if you can put the name of one person in your IT leadership team within each box!
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