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Industry Insider — Texas will not publish a newsletter Wednesday in observance of the Juneteenth holiday. The newsletter will resume on Friday morning.
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The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is moving along in its system modernization goals and has restarted the procurement process for a core system.
The agency requires a backward compatible replication of its current system, which hosts more than 18,000 user accounts.
The city's World Heritage Office may pilot a project to collect tourism metrics and data; balancing privacy along with planning needs will be paramount.
Lt. Col. Chris Winnek previously served as the department’s cyber operations chief before becoming deputy chief information officer in December 2023.
Of the agency’s listed capital expenditures, all nine information resources projects are in the top 10 in terms of priority, with a total cost of more than $1.1 billion.
The requested redesign must address the university’s current issues with code structure, template functionalities and content management.
The district hopes to increase brand presence, improve parking, clarify connections between structures and update campus terminology systems with a new wayfinding solution.
The state comptroller’s biannual report gives vendors a glance at priorities and percentages regarding employing more HUBs, and larger businesses may be able to include them as subcontractors.
A Wednesday vote affirmed general fund expenditures including about $103.3 million for IT, with cybersecurity and enterprise application programming receiving boosts.
Part of the agency's goal to improve internal processes includes the procurement of a new, cloud-based case management system.
The city is out with an RFI for vendors with experience implementing AI in permitting, licensing and land management solutions.
The agency is seeking a vendor contracted with the Department of Information Resources to run 12-strand, single-mode OSP fiber throughout Davis Mountains State Park.
The agency strategic plan lists the modernization — with a $32.9 million allocation — as its No. 1 priority. The price tag will require more legislative investment.
This regulating agency is mandated to update its website and create a more accessible, user-friendly experience; it has $5 million to do so.
“One of my goals will be to support the delivery of tailored, relevant and efficient experiences to citizens,” Brian Chidester told Industry Insider. “In doing so, governments can not only meet the rising expectations of their citizens but also drive greater engagement, trust and satisfaction.”
The state entity oversees medical licensing and health-care safety and plans to modernize the site, sending it to the cloud.
Department of Information Resources procurement experts recently gave timely reminders about getting into the public-sector market.
The city is using ARPA funding for various projects including phase two of this connectivity project. Councilmembers in May approved various tech spending.
Across Texas state government, Deloitte and Rackspace garnered high spending for purchased contracted services; additionally, monies for disaster response totaled at least $85 million in this spending category.
This state agency, one of Texas’ five largest, plans to collaborate with multiple entities to bring together jobs and career data that will support the evolving workforce.
The city continues to purchase Flock Safety cameras for law enforcement use. Texas is a top-three license plate scanning market.
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Government agencies face mounting pressures to strengthen security and compliance practices while keeping pace with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). This article distills key recommendations from industry experts on implementing robust security frameworks, leveraging AI responsibly and fostering a culture of consistent compliance.
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