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Chandler Treon

Chandler Treon is an Austin-based staff writer. He has a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in literature and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in technical communication, all from Texas State University.

The department responsible for financing more than 1.9 million public education employees' retirement benefits has about $35.2 million budgeted for IT-related projects in the 2024-25 biennium.
The agency has issued separate solicitations for electronic files in Braille-ready format and the production of Braille copy materials for Texas public schools.
El Paso County is requesting tamper-resistant GPS and alcohol monitoring ankle and wrist devices capable of communication between the department and participants.
The city is looking to expand, optimize and separate its electric utility infrastructure, which currently shares its SCADA system with the water utility.
The utility is seeking a service with an online banking portal that allows for digital reporting, fraud protection services and collections.
The Texas Highway Patrol, which currently trains commissioned personnel in a traditional classroom setting, is requesting VR/AR solutions for realistic training scenarios in a controlled environment.
According to Jay Waldo, CIO for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, the agency’s largest upcoming project in terms of spending is a replacement for its back-end consolidated financial system.
Although ATP is a smaller agency, Director of Information Technology Bruce Hermes anticipates approximately $10 billion passing through the organization.
The areas to be addressed by the CAD/RMS system include police and fire mobile units, uniform crime reporting, jail booking, animal control and more.
The requested talent assessment tool must assist the agency in identifying leadership skills and high-potential, high-performing individuals for key positions.
The system must support manual input data and data from the electronic interfaces of designated airlines on flight activity and facility resource utilization for gate planning.
Proposed solutions must allow for the real-time remote monitoring of patient conditions on a daily basis, reduce acute care costs and increase continuity of care with regular data feeds.
The chosen vendor will be contracted to design and build a comprehensive web, cloud and mobile-based interface accessible to three user groups of differing permissions.
The department is requesting managed print services, document imaging, enterprise content management products and hardware for establishing and providing contracts to DIR customers.
Once data is collected from consumers, who owns it? According to speakers from IBM and Atos, discussing the topic at a recent event organized through the Texas Legislature, collected data and insights always belong to the creator.
Experts at a legislative AI event agreed that employers looking to attract talent and retain workers would benefit from incorporating AI into their training and hiring as soon as possible.
The Legislature appropriated $18 million for the replacement of the Uniform Statewide Accounting System and Texas Identification Number System.
A consensus among panelists at an event near the Capitol was that the most effective area for AI is in back-office tasks, where there is less opportunity for public-facing failures and more opportunity for human-AI task augmentation.
The department responsible for representing the state in civil litigation has about $57 million budgeted for information technology resources, modernization and capital projects in the 2024-25 biennium.
The university’s Office of the Dean of Students requires a review and content audit of its website and all associated public pages.
Vendors may also propose any value-added service as related to the products requested in the RFO, but proposals solely containing related services do not qualify for consideration.
The state was allocated $3.3 billion under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act for high-speed Internet infrastructure deployment through the Broadband Equity, Access and Development program.
The Tech Hubs Strategy Development Grant is part of the federal government’s economic development initiative to strengthen a given region’s capacity to research, manufacture and deploy new technologies.
As the county uses the same computer-aided dispatch for law enforcement, fire and EMS, proposed systems must be multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional.
SmokeD has had its wildfire detectors in the Austin area since 2021 and is in the process of installing additional devices on American Tower antenna systems.
The department is requesting managed print services, document imaging, enterprise content management products and hardware for contracting to DIR customers.
DPS is looking to consolidate the multiple systems currently used to administer computerized criminal history system functions into a single, cloud-based platform.
During the year’s third quarter, the Texas Education Agency purchased goods and services from Zearn Inc., Amplify Education Inc. and more.
The website’s new homepage is designed to highlight information on disasters that are most prevalent to the central Texas region in each season.
The department responsible for vehicle registration and titling has about $68 million budgeted for information technology resources, enhancements, automation and capital projects in the 2024 fiscal year.