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Chandler Treon

Chandler Treon is an Austin-based staff writer. He has a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in literature and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in technical communication, all from Texas State University.

Panelists shared their progress and the remaining roadblocks to implementing AI at the recent Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications conference.
A qualified contractor has been requested to develop, manage, implement, test and maintain a secure cloud fax solution that is highly available, scalable and available as software as a service.
The college requires a solution that can streamline academic assessment data collection.
The panel of representatives from state agencies and higher education institutions shared how vendors can help their products stand out at the recent Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications conference.
Of the $60 million spent by TxDOT in Q4, $29 million went to five vendors.
The requested solution must continuously monitor the university’s spending to identify high-risk transactions and patterns that could lead to financial loss.
Proposed solutions must utilize ambient listening, support offline data gathering, be mappable to the center’s existing notes and embeddable in its existing electronic health record, Streamline.
The agency is seeking a system with a web portal for participants to register for SMS or email reminders.
The requested mobile application must be cross-platform and support push notifications, data syncing, attendance tracking and survey feedback analytics. The deadline for vendor questions is today.
The department plans to release a solicitation for a cloud-based traffic monitoring system upgrade using artificial intelligence.
The budget includes at least nine new IT projects with budgets of at least $1 million, as well as a $36 million budget for its IT Department.
The school district is looking to expand its current contract management system, which uses CobbleStone Software’s Contract Insight.
The organization is looking for a cyber leader, who will report to the CISO, to direct the risk management program as well as define and approve architecture standards.
The chosen applicant must have experience facilitating discovery meetings and workshops, performing stakeholder analysis and collaborating with high-functioning cross-functional teams, among other requirements.
The chosen candidate will be responsible for managing enterprisewide IT projects throughout the city.
The requested solution must interface with the city’s existing work order-generating software, which includes Lucity, Esri and various Granicus and Tyler Technologies applications.
The department’s 2023-2027 Strategic Plan lists the development of optimal asset management programs as one of its main objectives.
At the annual gathering, McKinney CIO Omar Rodriguez and Fort Worth CTO Kevin Gunn spoke about how their respective cities have implemented AI in separate discussions.
All four projects are related to an IBM city data center at 1000 Belleview Street.
The request involves a branded network website with a specific URL, a roster management and reporting tool, and a platform that supports mentorship programming and management.
The requested system must be either cloud-based or vendor-hosted and manage case status codes, court processes, virtual trials, transactions and module offerings.
Data to be collected and stored includes market pricing, market specifics, industry data, power price forecasting, weather news, emissions allowances, renewable energy credits and more.
The council's public workforce system, Workforce Solutions, requires a system intuitive enough for customers to navigate without instruction from staff.
DSHS plans to release a solicitation for a newborn screening LIMS, relevant laboratory equipment and a remote data system.
The proposed platform must be capable of scaling to the growing demands of the university’s athletics department and safely storing complex programmatic queries.
According to HB1, OCA has allocated $6 million in its capital budget for a statewide case-level data system.
The TAMU School of Medicine requires a system that will help monitor individual student progress and present relevant data in a visually appealing format.
The Dallas Information and Technology Services Department is out to bid on a legacy system replacement project for the fire department.
Austin’s Communications and Technology Management Department has an IT capital budget of $34.8 million for 2024.
The state IT department’s latest cooperative contract solicitation targets a wide range of hardware, software and related services for education.