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El Paso County Turns to Public Dashboard for Digital Transparency

Residents can track issues such as justice reform, financial health, internal processes, infrastructure and economic development through the platform.

El Paso
For El Paso County, increasing digital transparency has been a top priority, resulting in a partnership with Envisio to build a public dashboard highlighting information from the county’s 2023-2027 strategic plan.

According to Betsy Keller, the county’s chief administrator, the idea for the dashboard was inspired by a similar platform she saw on the city of Scottsdale, Ariz.’s home page.

“I was at a conference, and I somehow ended up looking at Scottsdale’s web page and saw that they had a public dashboard,” Keller said. “I reached out to them about who drove their dashboard or how they built it, and they said it was Envisio.”

After that, Keller met with the software company and explained that they needed a solution to simplify and digitize all paper processes they were using.

To reinforce this point, Keller held up a thick packet of papers during a Zoom interview with Industry Insider — Texas, stating, “This is just one section of several of our strategic planning process, and so trying to keep up with that, I mean, it was impossible, and sometimes we weren’t all on the same page. So that’s when we knew we needed something more organized.”

The dashboard compiles and showcases the following data online:

  • Justice reform
  • Focused economic development
  • Increasing tourism
  • Upgrading infrastructure
  • Promoting collaboration and engagement
  • Advancing community support services
  • Strengthening financial health
  • Optimizing internal processes
  • Valuing El Paso County family

Under the dashboard, each section is associated with a colored bar detailing where each project currently stands, with more information available in one click.

El Paso County Public Dashboard.JPG
Screenshot of El Paso County public dashboard.
Katya Maruri
“Every goal is assigned to a department, and sometimes it’s assigned to multiple users, depending on the goal," Keller said. “Whatever the department is responsible for, they have to go in there and give updates, and then every quarter we do a review of where we’re at.”

As for how the platform increases transparency, Keller said, “I don’t think we can do enough to make what’s going on internally available to the public. I think the more we can make available, the more trust we will build.”

As a result, Keller said, the county’s goal is to add new features like performance metrics and to make citizens more aware of the tool and how it can benefit them.
Katya Maruri is an Orlando-based e.Republic staff writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in global strategic communications from Florida International University.