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State Agencies Request Additional Budget for IT Spend

Technology-related funding is part of many 2024 "exceptional items" requests, which are compiled in a 94-page report.

The state of Texas flag superimposed over a pile of $100 bills.
State agencies have been working on the state budget process for months, and as part of the planning have submitted Legislative Appropriations Requests that include exceptional items.

The Legislative Budget Board, one of the agencies to whom all state agency budget planning is submitted, has published a list of 2024-2025 "exceptional items" requests for those with biennial appropriations above $40 million. Below are seven agencies on the list.

Agencies and technology-related requests in this report include:

Each biennial budget takes more than a year to develop, involving all the executive branch departments and agencies, as well as the governor, Legislature, the comptroller and the state auditor's office, according to The Texas Politics Project. The process begins during the spring of the year before the January opening of the biennial legislative session.

The budget planning process takes four phases:

  • Planning and proposal  
  • Legislative action 
  • Review and approval by the comptroller and governor 
  • Implementation and monitoring 

The 88th Legislature convenes at noon Jan. 10.
Rae D. DeShong is a Dallas-based staff writer and has written for The Dallas Morning News and worked as a community college administrator.