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Advancing Government Services With Responsible Generative AI

Every generation, technologies emerge that transform humanity — from the creation of the wheel and the advent of the automobile to the invention of the modern computer and the internet. We’re at the brink of another metamorphic shift with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). AI allows organizations to mimic human intelligence — understand, reason, learn and interact. In its simplest form, AI combines computer science algorithms and robust datasets to enable problem-solving, pattern recognition and predictions.

First developed in the 1950s,1 AI is undergoing its own transformation. For years, traditional AI made predictions and prescribed action. But generative AI can understand existing content and create new content from text, audio, video and other inputs.

State and local governments can use the technology to advance equity and access, combat fraud, democratize information, support workforce automation, boost operational efficiency, and increase transparency and accountability. But it also poses new challenges and risks for governments and the public at large.

“Generative AI can enhance decision-making, automate repetitive tasks and provide insights based on large datasets, ultimately helping state agencies improve efficiency and effectiveness and optimize the delivery of constituent services. However, it's important to consider ethical and privacy concerns when implementing generative AI in government contexts and ensure transparency and accountability in its use,” says Myra Dudley, IBM Technology Sales Director for State and Local Government. “For HHS agencies, generative AI can be a powerful tool to improve healthcare delivery, patient outcomes and overall efficiency of the system.”

While AI presents risks, its potential benefits are monumental. AI can reimagine government services in these five critical areas:

1. Health and human services (HHS)
2. Sustainability
3. Cybersecurity
4. Higher education
5. Employment/unemployment insurance (UI)

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