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The Teams and Deployables Behind Verizon Frontline Crisis Response

Verizon Frontline goes beyond providing essential infrastructure, connectivity and devices – there is a dedicated workforce behind Verizon’s first responder network and its assets, that works tirelessly to uphold our commitment to Public Safety – even when things get tough.

Verizon understands how vital it is for first responder organizations to maintain mission critical communications and situational awareness to make informed decisions as quickly as possible. This is why Verizon is on the frontlines standing at the ready to support those who put their lives on the line for your families and communities.

Verizon Frontline Support in Action

As communities who have been through a tragedy like southwest Florida after Hurricane Ian for example, no matter the level of emergency preparedness, not one entity can do it alone. Before, during and after Hurricane Ian, Verizon engineers worked tirelessly to increase the capacity and stability of the satellite, fiber and microwave links that connected cell sites, including 5G, back to the rest of the network so those sites could manage the high influx of data traffic coming from southwest Florida. Support that started before Hurricane Ian made landfall, and continued through restoration. This is just one example.

For nearly thirty years, Verizon has supported public safety and shared the challenges of first responders. Partnering with first responder agencies nationwide is a source of honor. These dedicated teams include the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Teams (CRT), the Satellite Solutions Group (SSG), the Major Emergency Response Incident Team (MERIT), hundreds of network engineers, 200+ drone pilots, and other emergency response teams.

When Mother Nature unexpectedly disrupts communications, Verizon's Mobile Satellite Services can get agencies back in business by providing private IP customers with access to their networks from virtually any place in the U.S. within satellite coverage.
– Stuart Burson, Associate Director, Satellite Solutions Group
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Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team (CRT)

The Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team provides on-demand, emergency assistance to government agencies, first responders, frontline workers and communities—to help maintain mission-critical communications when they’re needed most. Supporting first responders, government agencies, non-profit organizations and our customers during an emergency, the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team is staffed by personnel across the country that have more than 445 years of combined experience in military and emergency response. This broad and vast set of experiences provides a unique competency during incidents when every second matters.

In 2022, the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team responded to over 1,600 requests from 750+ Public Safety customers and the communities they serve. During this support, we delivered over 5,500 Verizon Frontline solutions.


Major Emergency Response Incident Team (MERIT)

For nearly 30 years, Verizon’s major emergency response incident team (MERIT), a specialized group of Verizon engineers, and its fleet, which consists of deployables like mobile command centers and satellite trucks, are deployed when necessary to restore basic communications and protect Verizon’s network assets and facilities during natural disasters or hazardous materials incidents.

Satellite Solutions Group (SSG)

Large satellite assets help deliver coverage in austere or disconnected environments. The Satellite Solutions Group (SSG) provides engineering design, integration, installation and advanced lifecycle support for Verizon's global satellite networks. These mobile satellite solutions provide dependable backup services and can help enhance disaster recovery when normal communications are disrupted.

In 2022, Verizon deployed satellite enabled mobile assets over 525 times not only for disasters but to augment communications for events like fairs, concerts and racing events.

Verizon is here to help the public sector