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watsonx Code Assistant

Accelerate your business with generative AI-powered code generation.

What if you could fine tune the way AI generates code, with the trust and security your enterprise expects?

IBM watsonx Code Assistant is a portfolio of purpose-built, generative AI-assisted products built to accelerate code generation and increase developer productivity, with trust, security, and compliance at its core. This family of offerings will help developers and IT Operators generate high-quality, accurate code with AI-recommendations based on natural language requests or existing source code, allowing your development teams to be proficient in different programming languages without need for massive upskilling.

Watsonx Code Assistant is powered by a state-of-the-art code only base large language model (LLM), trained on 115 different programming languages and 1.5 trillion tokens of code, to produce accurate AI-recommended code. At 20 billion parameters, the underlying Foundation Model is one of the largest generative AI foundation models dedicated to code automation.

The solution also allows you to customize the underlying model(s) based on your enterprise’s best practices, industry standards, and own data allowing you to finely-tune the base model, while providing data-source matching for you to know exactly where the code came from.

For more information about watsonx Code Assistant or to view a demo click HERE.

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