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APEX Backup: Ransomware Protection & Recovery - Cloud and Hybrid Backup Versatility

September 27, 2022 | 12:00 PM12:00 PM

AHEAD and Dell Technologies invite you to join us for an overview on the GovCloud /FedRamp authorized Cloud based Data Protection Solution.

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AHEAD and Dell Technologies invite you to join us for an overview on the GovCloud /FedRamp authorized Cloud based Data Protection Solution. 

Did you know Dell Technologies offers a 100% SaaS-based data protection model for all use-cases:

- Core Data Center (VMware, NAS, Database)
- Endpoint (Laptops, Mobile Device)
- Cloud (Office365, GCP, Salesforce)
- Ransomware Recovery – Immutability, Air-Gapped, Orchestrated Ransomware Recovery

SaaS-based protection uniquely addresses modern Ransomware threats:

- Apex Backup Service maintains a Zero Trust architecture model​
- No SSH access to production node
- Multi-layered access controls​
- Industry standard envelope encryption
- Backups are immutable and Air-Gapped from your network

Modern solution for modern challenges:

- Apex Backup Service eliminates time-sensitive issues related to hardware deployments in the data center. Delivered via a subscription model that alleviates the burden of CapX procurement. 
- Provides a complete backup and cyber-recovery SaaS solution that deploys in minutes, increasing time to value while also decreasing risk to the business. 
- Scaling from ten to thousands of users with the most stringent privacy and security standards in the industry. 
- Business outcomes - helps organizations securely protect data without hardware     dependencies.
Founded in 2007, AHEAD grew up in the data center and retains its deep infrastructure expertise at the core of its business. But as the market has changed, the company has always invested ahead of the curve.