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As your organization continues to develop flexible working models, you face evolving security threats–making it more important than ever to apply the right tools to protect users, devices, and data. Teams working in different locations must be empowered to quickly and securely collaborate while maximizing productivity.
San Jose, CA and St. Louis, MO — January 12, 2022 — InterVision, a leading managed service provider, today released a new market survey about how IT leaders are prioritizing and investing in a down market.
Elastic Security for SIEM continues to be recognized by leading industry analyst firms
This virtual event will bring together cybersecurity leaders to explore the ongoing challenge of cybersecurity in the state and local government
Installing and configuring security software can present unexpected challenges. When that software has as large an impact as your Endpoint Security software, we know that performance considerations and fine tuning become frequent topics of conversation. That’s why the Trellix Spotlight Series is pleased to invite you to our upcoming webinar which will focus on the best practices for installing and configuring Adaptive Treat Protection (ATP) for Endpoint Security (ENS). You will also get some key recommendations for the journey – as well as get the chance to ask questions to our experienced professional. This is all designed to ensure that you're taking the best advantage of the protection software at your disposal.
In-Person Event
Moreover, we are DevSecOps culture endorsers who know how to make your application product delivery faster, write code that builds infrastructure, assist in adopting new technology, ensure site uptime and availability, scalability, and have a managed scalable secure WordPress platform ready to host your WordPress sites on the cloud.
Please join us for an engaging exchange with Stan Kiyota, leading Gartner cybersecurity expert, on Best Practices to Operationalize Threat Intelligence. Threat intelligence (TI) is evidence-based actionable knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and specific advice about an existing or emerging risk or threat to assets that can be used to make informed decisions to potentially mitigate those risks or threats. In this session we will discuss best practices for you to operationalize TI in your organization.
Like any large organization, the Department of Defense (DoD) must communicate. For the DoD, communication must take place with members of the armed forces, its constituent groups, media organizations, and the general public.
What’s on the mind of the CIO? Or, better yet, what should be on the mind of the CIO in 2023? In this episode, we talk with null, the principal author of Tech Trends 2023 from null. Info-Tech identified seven trends that tech leaders need to be taking action on this year. In this conversation, Brian and host, Jeff Ton, dive deep into three of them: industry-led data models, sustained digital processes, and zero-trust security.
As we begin 2023, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) worldwide public sector (WWPS) team wanted to share a few of our predictions for public sector technology this year. We hope these predictions will help guide and inspire you as you continue your digital transformation journey.
Trellix Advanced Research Center Details Latest Cyberthreats
Fuel mission-oriented innovation to accelerate better outcomes through government IT solutions.
To kick off the new year and the fifth season of Status Go, Allen Jenkins, Kevin Van Mondfrans, John Gray and Brent Lazarenko join host Jeff Ton in a discussion about the trends they are seeing in their respective areas. Find out what’s ahead in cybersecurity, securing the edge, digital transformation, and digital engineering.
Over 30 Percent of Applications Contain Flaws at First Scan; By Five Years, Nearly 70 Percent of Apps Have At Least One Flaw
Scanning via API, Hands-on Security Training, and Scan Frequency Identified as Key Factors to Reduce Flaw Introduction Over Time
This quarter, AWS released 34 new or updated datasets from Impact Observatory, The Allen Institute for Brain Science, Common Screens, and others, which are available now on the Registry of Open Data
Extend AIOps with Automated Root Cause Analysis
Join us at the RSA Conference 2023 Expo, where some of the industry's leading companies will present cutting-edge products and solutions that can help you secure your organization. Discuss your challenges, participate in hands-on demos, make new contacts, and get a sense of where the industry’s technology is going.
ODP Business Solutions Aligns With California’s Statewide Plan To Use Technology To Help Meet Society’s Goals
State and local infrastructure and transportation
The generation that is now leaving college and starting their careers understands digital transformation like no other. After all, this is the cohort that emerged from two years of remote learning into a world of hybrid work and conferences in the cloud.
Peer into our 2023 predictions
The public sector is facing changing cyber threats — not just because of remote work, but from increasing ransomware hacks and nation-state attacks as well. But there are also new tools ready to meet those challenges.
OpenGov, the leader in modern cloud software for our nation’s cities, counties, and state agencies, expands its industry-leading government cloud solutions with the acquisition of Cartegraph, the leader in cloud software for public agency operations and infrastructure asset management.
33% of IT projects fail, how can modern tools like Intelligent Automation technologies close the gap for IT project managers?
It’s no secret that ransomware is the attack du jour with more than 1,200 incidents generating nearly $900 million in payments from U.S.-based organizations last year alone. More than an extortion scheme, these attacks resulted in the disruption of operations and exposed proprietary data that could be exploited or sold on the dark web. No one, it seems, is safe — especially school districts. According to Sophos, 56% of school districts worldwide suffered a ransomware attack in 2021. These attacks shut down school networks, canceled classes and put the personally-identifiable information (PII) of students, their parents, teachers, and other employees at risk. But why school districts? Why are they a tempting target? And why now? Let’s explore.
Security incidents that compromise the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information have affected numerous governments in recent years. In response to the increasing number of cyberattacks, Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration released Cal-Secure in late 2021, the State of California’s first multi-year cybersecurity roadmap.
Eliminate IT Complexity and Power Your Workloads With the Cloud Experience
State and local government (SLG) serve constituents when they need it the most, from securing a driver’s permit or marriage license, to a source of crucial information about health, taxes and more. Influenced by user-friendly retail apps and commercial customer experiences, Californians expect these software-powered interactions to be simple, secure, and efficient in their touchpoints for life’s critical moments.