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The Procurement Specialist will assist the State with all procurement tasks
An era of public service that is agile, digital and customer centric.
Windows 10 will reach end of support on Oct. 14, 2025 — we’re here to help.
During the internet’s infancy, computers were connected in Santa Monica, UC Berkeley, and at MIT in an important milestone for both California and the development of the network concept. Since that time, California has fostered an environment where technology has thrived. Today, California remains a global leader in internet technology and innovation.
We think this AI-Native Network is more your speed. See how it puts your business in the fast lane.
Gain more insights into the impacts of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware and explore potential paths forward.
Agile methodology traditionally encouraged in-person work. However, COVID-19 proved it was possible for even large project teams to effectively implement this approach remotely.
Container based web hosting is a new way of managing, deploying and scaling applications, unlike traditional hosting where you use virtual machines (VMs) or physical servers.
Traditional methods of flaw remediation are not equipped with the technology to keep pace with the rapid evolution of code generation practices, leaving developers incapable of managing burdensome and overwhelming security debt. Code security is still a critical concern in software development. For instance, when GitHub Copilot generated 435 code snippets, almost 36% of them had security weaknesses, regardless of the programming language. As it is, many developers are still unequipped with an automated method that can securely remediate issues in code.
Broadband Access and Affordability
The FortiGate Rugged 70G with Dual 5G Modems Next-Generation Firewall delivers innovative product design for operational technology environments.
Embracing emerging technology to create user-centric services and enhance citizen engagement
HPE NVIDIA ProLiant DL384 Gen12: This server includes dual NVIDIA GH200 NVL2 and is suitable for LLM consumers using larger models or RAG.
A case study from the Hawaii Department of Transportation – Highways Division.
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The California Highway Patrol’s five largest purchases between April 1 and June 30 included switches and other network gear, radio equipment and notebook computers.
The state oversight panel held a virtual hearing on artificial intelligence in May; this is the second such hearing. Speakers at Thursday’s hearing will include representatives of academia and industry.
A new lawsuit says the city has ignored its law that requires elected official approval for facial recognition use for at least four years, allowing officers to use whatever surveillance techniques they choose.
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Identity Security Transformed- Early Bird Pricing Available
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