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Tek Yantra inc. is serving majority of the VIP, most visited high user volume top 10 public websites of California in 2019,2020, continued in 2021, We provide multi cloud-based solutions for applications to serve millions of concurrent users with five 9's availability and with zero downtime updates, no more wait for infrastructure, our frameworks and processes enables you to deliver the complex cloud Infrastructure in hours. we can give interim solutions and road map to long term solutions that helps departments to meet and exceed expectations of the citizens and business needs. We are DevSecOps culture evangelists, we know how to make your application product delivery faster, we build code that builds your infrastructure, we help you to adopt new technology, we make sure your site uptime and availability, scalability and we also have a managed scalable secure WordPress platform ready to host your WordPress sites on cloud.

The landscape of cloud computing is poised for a transformative year in 2024. Building on the foundation of cloud, cybersecurity, and AI advancements in 2023, the industry is set to embrace a wave of innovation, challenges, and opportunities.
Here's why Rocon is the talk of the town and why you should consider it for your WordPress hosting needs.
Unveiling the essence of cloud-native architecture.
How Tek Yantra it leading the way in generative AI and emerging technologies integration in cloud solutions.
Let's talk about how containerized Kubernetes solutions revolutionize web performance by enhancing scalability, efficiency and security in the face of unpredictable digital traffic demands.
Rocon's Managed WordPress Hosting isn't just hosting; it's empowerment, security, reliability and performance — all rolled into one.
Tek Yantra's personalized cloud solutions are reshaping the business landscape, offering unparalleled flexibility and driving innovation tailored to unique enterprise needs.
By embracing Rocon businesses are staying ahead of the curve and truly unleashing the full potential of their web applications in the cloud.
A new Platform as a Service (PaaS) product launched by Tek Yantra.
Let's explore how Tek Yantra has contributed to empowering technology for everyday users and its emergence as a world-class IT service provider.
Creating a conscientious cloud computing ecosystem can empower the public to use technology responsibly.
Moreover, we are DevSecOps culture endorsers who know how to make your application product delivery faster, write code that builds infrastructure, assist in adopting new technology, ensure site uptime and availability, scalability, and have a managed scalable secure WordPress platform ready to host your WordPress sites on the cloud.
Rapid deployment of a cutting-edge cloud environment, platform frameworks based on containers, and end-to-end automation
Shout out to ROCONPAAS, our end-of-year company product, and all of the upcoming, exciting projects
For almost ten years, the government has trusted Tek Yantra as a partner. We are aware of the financial and IT difficulties government organisations encounter, as well as the necessity for improved infrastructure and efficient business processes to enable a more interconnected society.
We provide most advanced Cloud and DevSecops solutions that empowers business to move faster, scale effortlessly and save more
California State Departments and vendors combined effort on app that uses bluetooth technology to alert the user.

The Use of Azure cloud-based infrastructure services by Tek Yantra in collaboration with state departments
The transition from DevOps to DevSecOps necessitates the adoption of the right mindset and approach. Merging the Development and Operations teams has resulted in more rapid and efficient software releases.
Tek Yantra is excited to announce its new product RoconPaaS & WordPress as a Service
Tek Yantra believes in the power of digital transformation to empower businesses of all sizes, which is why it is proud to provide Cloud and DevSecOp services to various California State Departments.
The departments had been hosting their code on premises using the Github enterpirse server but adapting an agile framework became necessary to achieve the goal of modernizing its infrastructure as code
California State is the world's tech capital and home to the world's leading technology catalysts, with Silicon Valley's tech behemoths and a booming entrepreneur society attracting talent and capital from all over the world.
Team Tekyantra's ultimate goal in joining the AWS Partner Network is to improve its ability to serve the general public. Incepted in 2018, Tek Yantra is the dream of a dedicated team whose sole mission is to exceed their customers' expectations in terms of Value, Quality, and Total Customer Happiness.
Over 1 million people have access to a secure Digital Vaccine Record Portal since the voluntary system has launched. Tek Yantra's proudly announces the collaboration with the California Departments of Technology and Public Health in the implementation process of DVR.