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Learn Tek Yantra's Ways to Enforce DevOps Expertly

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Misaligned company priorities are usually to blame when DevOps projects fail. The common mistake that many companies make when attempting to implement DevOps is to treat it as a technology or framework. A company's success with DevOps depends on a combination of technical and cultural shifts, but technologies play a critical role. DevOps adopters-to-be should think about these overarching concerns: 

1) Training on the DevOps methodology 

When Agile practices are not in place, DevOps becomes even more of a cultural and technological challenge. Make an investment in DevOps training to ensure that developers, operations personnel, and company executives have a firm grasp of the principles and procedures required to launch and maintain a productive DevOps environment. 

2) Create rules and procedures 

Undefined actions are impossible for a business to enable, organize, or automate. Before implementing the policies and procedures needed to eliminate silos, streamline workflows, and facilitate interactions between development and operations, an organization must first determine how the DevOps process should operate for the business based on training and personnel knowledge. You should think about policies and processes in advance, but provide room to tweak the procedures when your business's requirements change. 

3) Prioritize group work. 

Maintain channels of communication and collaboration between DevOps team members that are both open and mutually beneficial. The development team, for instance, can contact operations in advance of a project to check on the availability of necessary resources for the upcoming build. 

4) Dismantle infrastructure 

When legacy silos and manual procedures are still in use, DevOps is largely ineffective. Collaboration is the foundation of any DevOps project, and conventional silos that impede development and releases must be broken down. Develop the pliability and nimbleness that will allow releases and maintenance to be carried out rapidly and effectively. Deeply rooted silos are difficult to dismantle, but you can speed up the process by taking advantage of opportunities for meeting and collaboration. 

5) Tools 

Technologies play a crucial role in enabling quick iterative development and delivery, but DevOps is not about tools. The process can be automated and orchestrated with the help of the right tools, and operational resources can be provisioned and prepared for release and deployment. To achieve maximum efficiency in DevOps, the complete tool set must function in tandem with one another. 

6) Evaluate Your Progress 

The success of the DevOps ecosystem can be gauged via the collection of relevant metrics. Metrics can be broken down into anything from the number of times code is committed to the number of bugs in a release. Even if not every company uses the same metrics, it's important to devise some way of tracking the DevOps ecosystem to make sure it's operating at peak efficiency and producing the desired outcomes.

No matter the size of your company, the state of your continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, or your motivations for adopting DevOps, Tekyantra has the solutions to all of your DevOps queries. Regardless of the method your company uses to establish DevOps objectives, it is critical to secure buy-in from department heads, keep tabs on progress over time, and be ready to make adjustments as needed.
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