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Success in today’s hyperconnected world is based largely on an organization’s ability to deliver engaging online experiences – despite the performance and security weaknesses presented by the public Internet. Akamai addresses this challenge head on, enabling our customers to:

• Optimize for multi-device delivery

• Scale to deliver quality video over IP

• Accelerate enterprise and branch office connections

• Secure cloud-based data, applications and websites

Akamai has deployed the most pervasive, highly distributed cloud optimization platform, delivering over 2 trillion Internet interactions daily and creating a powerful layer of defense to withstand today’s attacks while anticipating and mitigating future threats.As networks and applications continue to grow in complexity and the world becomes even more reliant on the Internet, Akamai’s CDN, cloud, mobile and security services deliver a secure, high-quality experience on any device. By enabling organizations to reach broadcast scale audiences, process secure transactions and make enterprise applications available to a mobile global workforce, Akamai removes the complexities of technology and helps government agencies accelerate innovation in a hyperconnected world.  That’s why all arms of the US military, 15 of the US Government Cabinet-level agencies and State & Local Governments use Akamai for their critical and often sensitive, online initiatives. The company's advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security and media delivery solutions are revolutionizing how organizations optimize experiences for any device, anywhere. To learn how Akamai solutions and its team of Internet experts are helping Government move faster forward, please visit, and follow @Akamai on Twitter.

The Akamai Guardicore Platform simplifies enterprise security with broad visibility and granular controls through one console.
Cyber threats targeting the public sector are not just evolving; they are becoming more insidious, exploiting the lack of lateral (east-to-west) segmentation within networks to conduct widespread, destructive breaches. It is estimated that government organizations have lost $860.3 million to ransomware attacks from 2018 to 2023.
Cyber threats targeting the public sector are not just evolving; they are becoming more insidious, exploiting the lack of lateral (east-to-west) segmentation within networks to conduct widespread, destructive breaches. It is estimated that government organizations have lost $860.3 million to ransomware attacks from 2018 to 2023.
A white paper about software-based segmentation and how it delivers optimal security at a far lower total cost of ownership than traditional segmentation methods.
When I woke up this morning, it was all over the news: “Big corporation gets breached in cyberattack.” Unfortunately, every few months I see a similar headline. What lessons can we learn from these recurring attacks that can help us do a better job in creating defenses — and make it a lot harder for the bad guys to succeed?
The open authentication standard addresses existing multifactor authentication security vulnerabilities.
Last week, we unveiled Akamai Connected Cloud, our massively distributed platform for cloud computing, security, and content delivery. You can read all the details in our announcement.
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Executive summary
This week, Gartner® released its new 2022 Magic QuadrantTM for Cloud Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) report, with Akamai being named a Leader. This is the sixth consecutive year Akamai was named a Leader in the Magic QuadrantTM. The Magic Quadrant for Web Application and API Protection was previously published as Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls, 2017–2020.
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Cambridge, MA – March 10, 2022 – Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the world's most trusted solution to power and protect digital experiences, today announced it was named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Microsegmentation, Q1 2022 evaluation. In its examination, Forrester evaluated nine total vendors in the microsegmentation space based on ten criteria, grouped by current offering, strategy, and market presence.
Customers Cite Akamai’s “Outstanding Job of Identifying New and Emerging Threats and Adapting Their Response.”

Featured Speakers: Brian Dennis, Principal Technologist for Public Sector, Akamai and Douglas Holland, Senior Solutions Engineer, Akamai
Interested in advanced threat protection at the DNS layer? Well you're in luck!
If you are experiencing remote work performance or availability problems, than the scale and reliability of a cloud solution may ease your burden. Akamai's Enterprise Application Access (EAA) solution can provide access to critical applications no matter where they are hosted, maintain the continuity of agency’s core functions, and leverage a Zero Trust approach to maintain security.
Featured Speaker: Douglas Holland, Solutions Engineer, Akamai
As your agency increasingly engages constituents, employees, and contractors through web and IP-based applications, web application security must be a critical priority. Attackers know that disrupting web applications can result in significant loss of important and sensitive government data. To prepare for the inevitable attacks, you need application security solutions that deliver fast and effective protection in order to safeguard your infrastructure and maintain web application performance and availability. As a leading provider of enterprise cloud computing solutions that make the Internet fast, reliable, and secure, Akamai provides innovative technology for web application security, as well as solutions for web acceleration and performance, mobile performance, media delivery, and cloud security.
In this report, Gartner evaluates the improved security of web application firewalls and the leading providers in the space.
The Internet was designed to share data, but sometimes the paths that enable it are blocked.
Security Report Analyzes Re Emergence Of PBOT Malware; Domain Generation Algorithms; Relationship Between Mirai Command & Control Attack Targets
Akamai Technologies has identified a new attack method generating extremely large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against educational institutions and other types of organizations but without the millions of infected hosts typically seen in these scenarios.