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WATCH NOW: Business Continuity in Uncertain Times: Secure, Reliable, and High Performing Remote Access

If you are experiencing remote work performance or availability problems, than the scale and reliability of a cloud solution may ease your burden. Akamai's Enterprise Application Access (EAA) solution can provide access to critical applications no matter where they are hosted, maintain the continuity of agency’s core functions, and leverage a Zero Trust approach to maintain security.


During this webinar, Akamai and Carahsoft discussed how your business continuity needs can be managed with any device, BYOD or otherwise, and how EAA supports three important remote access objectives:

  • Security - Supports a Zero Trust security model and reduces the lateral attack surface by verifying and authorizing application only access and locking down the network to all inbound traffic
  • Simplicity - Eliminates the complexity of application delivery, allowing admins to quickly create, deploy, and scale applications across a hybrid cloud
  • Performance - Natively employs a variety of acceleration techniques, including TCP optimization and data compression, which result in a significantly improved end user experience

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Akamai has deployed the most pervasive, highly distributed cloud optimization platform, delivering over 2 trillion Internet interactions daily and creating a powerful layer of defense to withstand today's attacks.