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January 20, 2021 | 1:00 PM2:00 PM

Effective data governance is a key challenge for data and analytics leaders.

Recent Gartner Survey indicates, 55% of respondents ranked “enhancing data quality, reliability and access” as a top priority.  

Gartner partners with our clients to provide data and analytics leaders with a framework for effective data governance and quality in this era of big data. 

As California gets ready to move into the new year (thank goodness), and set the focus in 2021, Please save the date and confirm your attendance at this upcoming Gartner Data Governance webinar.

The global pandemic has had a significant impact on both the private and public sector.

Many of our State & Local government clients are focused on how to leverage data to be a more impactful technology that improves decision making and business outcomes for their constituents.

Gartner Leadership Partners, David Mayer & Brad Erickson will provide a four-track plan deliverable on Data Governance as a one-year programmatic concept to tackle the ongoing challenges that state & local government clients encounter when implementing a data program.

Join us for this webinar as we will discuss the following:

➢ Achieving Data Governance in one year via proven Gartner roadmap

➢ Establishing data quality management, data literacy, data cataloging, and data lifecycle management basics

➢ Using Gartner maturity assessment tools to position your organization for success in data governance

➢ Measuring data governance process improvement to demonstrate ROI to your organization

➢ Fireside Chat: Hear from one of your SLG peers how they engaged Gartner to launch their Data Program


When: January 20th – 10 am PST

Where: Your desktop

 Please share this invitation with others within your teams/departments – State of California

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Any questions – contact Susan Buytenhuys, Gartner State of CA – Area Vice President 

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