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Introducing Photolok by Netlok – Passwordless SSO/MFA

Photolok is a unique, passwordless Identity Authentication (IAM) solution. As a password alternative, Photolok consists of an Identity Provider (encrypted photos) and Authentication Server (OAuth 2.0) that sends an OAuth token for authentication. Netlok’s team uses Photolok as an identity provider Single Sign On (SSO) with its Okta Workforce account to access its apps and API’s without entering any passwords. By integrating Open ID Connect to Photolok, it makes easier for organizations to adopt Photolok as a SSO or MFA alternative.

Photolok Simplifies the Login Journey for Employees, Consumers, and Taxpayers

Photos are easy to remember, select, and replace. Photolok reduces friction by eliminating password rules and password resetting, which also makes Photolok cost effective and more convenient for all users.

Using photos simplifies employee, consumer, and taxpayer adoption by eliminating language and literacy barriers, which is huge issue for government communication. Users of all ages will enjoy personally choosing their account photos from Photolok’s photo library. Each user’s photos are private, and Photolok provides advanced security protection not offered by password-based and biometric solutions.

Advanced Security Protects Privacy and Data

  • Protects against AI/ML attacks.
  • Protects against lateral penetrations.
  • Protects against Bots, Phishing, Ransomware, Keylogging, Man-in-the-Middle attacks.
  • Account owner authorizes use of their smart devices and browsers for their accounts.
  • Using Duress Photo (silent alarm) protects against forced entry to steal credentials.
  • Using 1-Time Use Photo prevents shoulder surfing and increases employee remote security.

Netlok – A Gartner Inc. Emerging Tech Company

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Netlok is building strategic relationships and partnerships with commercial and government entities. Following Gartner’s Channel Go to Market strategy, Netlok intends to partner with Industry Insider – California Members to service California’s Internet security needs. Netlok is located in Santa Barbara, California. More information can be accessed by clicking and/or contacting Tony Perez, CEO, at or 805-717-9898.