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CalHHS Technology Chief Announces Launch of IT and Data Strategic Plan

Adam Dondro, the agency information officer for the California Health and Human Services Agency, provides an overview and summary of his agency’s newly published document, which sets out its tech- and data-related principles and serves as a road map.

CalHHS strategic plan Dondro.jpg
The California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS) published its IT and Data Strategic Plan on Tuesday, outlining the agency’s principles and pillars and serving as a road map for the future. Along with it, CalHHS’ agency chief information officer, Adam Dondro, wrote an overview for readers of Industry Insider California.

Adam Dondro.
Adam Dondro
Dondro, who also serves as director of the Office of Technology and Solutions Integration within CalHHS, characterizes the plan as a whole-person approach to how the agency and its technologists seek to serve the public with needed resources.

“This strategic plan is more than a set of objectives; it’s a commitment to the people of California,” Dondro told Industry Insider. “By integrating IT and data seamlessly into our service delivery, we are not just transforming our approach, but are also ensuring that every Californian has access to the services they need in the most efficient manner possible. We invite all stakeholders and CalHHS team members to learn more about the IT and Data Strategic Plan and join us in this exciting journey towards a tech-enabled, data-driven future.”

Herewith is Dondro’s overview:

“The California Health and Human Services Agency includes 12 departments, five offices, and over 38,000 employees, whose committed purpose is to support the delivery of health and social service programs for over 39 million Californians in the pursuit of a Healthy California for All. In support of this mission, CalHHS has released its comprehensive Information Technology (IT) and Data Strategic Plan. The plan is both strategic and execution-focused and sets the stage for transformative initiatives across the agency, outlining how technology and data capabilities become an essential means of enabling California’s wellness by supporting a proactive, person-centered approach to service delivery that prioritizes inclusivity, accessibility, and quality.

“The plan presents an actionable road map for secure, innovative technology and data capabilities, recognizing their tight interdependence. With a focus on integration, it shares how CalHHS can support coordinated services through a stronger understanding of existing and needed strategic business capabilities, and a path to maximizing digital and data assets through consistency, sharing, and reuse to reduce risk and optimize limited resources. It calls for diverse perspectives, user-centric design, extensive interoperability, secure cybersecurity and data privacy, and a commitment to developing services that maximize equity for all Californians.

“While the plan lays out the vision for a future digital ecosystem enabled by data and integration capabilities (see the plan for details), its essence lies in its collective and collaborative approach towards health and human services integration. It calls for program, data, and technology leadership to employ transformational approaches that optimize health and human services delivery and outcomes, ensuring that all aspects of CalHHS’ work are creating a Healthy California for All. All departments play an important role in their contributions to the agency’s portfolio of capabilities, and all can benefit from their work and the work of others. The plan is both a roadmap to and a demonstration of the agency’s guiding principles and strategic priorities.

“As with most transformational efforts, the success of this plan will be rooted in the necessary cultural transformation through which CalHHS becomes more than the sum of its parts. It will be measured by the extent to which CalHHS services improve Californians’ lives, with specific emphasis on improving the holistic well-being of those disproportionately impacted by adverse conditions and those previously limited by systemic shortcomings that impacted inclusivity and service accessibility.

“CalHHS intends to roll out the IT and Data Strategic Plan thoughtfully and deliberately, engaging with state and county health and human services organizations to discuss how all can work together to achieve its objectives. As part of that, the CalHHS team will identify and prioritize the tactical action plans needed to establish the underlying foundations for achieving the vision. The multi-year strategy will employ a corresponding performance measurement program to inform priorities, track progress and success, and as necessary, suggest the need for strategic shifts.”
Dennis Noone is Executive Editor of Industry Insider. He is a career journalist, having worked at small-town newspapers and major metropolitan dailies including USA Today in Washington, D.C.