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Large Utility in Early Stages on Tech Project

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power wants to educate itself on “Information Systems and Technology Consulting Services,” in a request for information released Jan. 26.

A building at night with Christmas lights on it and letters that say "Department of Water and Power."
The nation’s largest municipal utility wants to hear from IT vendors as it contemplates a future request for proposals.

In a request for information (RFI) released Jan. 26, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is seeking to learn more about “Information Systems and Technology Consulting Services.” LADWP, which serves L.A. residents and businesses, maintains roughly 1.6 million customer accounts and intakes around $6.7 billion in payments per year. Among the takeaways:

  • LADWP is searching for the information it needs to “procure professional services in information systems and technology,” according to the RFI. This will help its Customer Service Division (CSD) secure services for “storing and organizing policy and process documents, process mapping and analysis of process flow, and requirements for technology enhancements or services.”
  • The “information systems solution” should have a “recommended interface” through which users can access or receive stored documents; and should “consist of a search function.” Information on “mapping and analyzing process flows” to identify overlapping functions across “multiple units within an entire division” should also be included. The CSD is looking to align business strategy and goals across all LADWP sections, via an “easy-to-use process and policy database” for internal employees.
  • Responses should include ideas, information, and recommendations that “clarify requirements, cost-saving opportunities, technology requirements, and identification of potential problem areas.” They should be focused, concise and 10 pages or less. Respondents should address their firm’s qualifications and experience around taking a document storage and retrieval system from design to implementation; resources and “organizational access” required from LADWP around designing and developing such a system; the “appropriate storage and organizational structure for policy and process documents,” as well as the required interface or tech solution for these structures; and process flows for “practical analysis of redundancies.” Companies responding should also cover potential challenges; knowledge transfer following implementation; deliverables; the standard timeline for such an endeavor; potential cost; and “how can a process and policy database be constructed using various formats of information” such as paper manuals and electronic documents.
  • This RFI, LADWP cautions, is not a “competitive solicitation,” although it anticipates issuing an RFP or RFPs using information submitted in this RFI. It encourages “interested parties” to respond “even if they do not have a current intention to respond to any future requests” — but to not submit “any type of price proposal other than high-level cost estimates for budget purposes.” Questions on the RFI are due Wednesday, and responses will come Feb. 17. Responses to the RFI are due March 2, and requests for clarification, if needed, will come March 23.
Theo Douglas is Assistant Managing Editor of Industry Insider — California.