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Legislative Update

Typical of this time of year in the State Capitol, a flurry of legislative activity has resulted in bills moving through policy committees. Here are some notable technology-related proposals making their way closer to the Governor’s desk.

AB 1543 (Alejo; D-Salinas): Public Contracts: Buy American. Requires state and local government and government contractors purchase materials or supply materials produced or manufactured in the United States in an attempt to boost the economy and job market.
Assembly-In Committee-Business, Professions and Consumer Protection.

AB 1708 (Gatto; D-Los Angeles): Vehicles: electronic verification of registration and insurance. Allows California drivers to show proof of insurance and auto registration on an electronic device.
Assembly-In Committee-Appropriations.

AB 1732 (Campos; D- San Jose): Pupils: suspension or expulsion: bulling: impersonation. Specifies student conduct on social networking sites that constitutes bullying and can result in suspension or expulsion, including posting to or creating a burn page or creating a false page impersonating a student.
Assembly-Passed. Senate-In Committee-Rules.

AB 1790 (Hagman; R-Chino Hills): Requires public school textbook publishers to provide content in eReader format for K-12 students.
Assembly – In Committee – Appropriations.

AB 1791 (Buchanan; D-Alamo): Public contracts: state contracts: computer software. Requires state contractors and suppliers sign contracts certifying no unlawful use of computer software in business operations.
Assembly-In Committee-Business, Professions and Consumer Protection

SB 1002 (Yee; D- San Mateo): Public Records: electronic format. Requires government agencies respond to requests for public documents with documents in searchable, sortable format.
Senate-In Committee-Appropriations.

SB 1160 (Padilla; D-Pacoima): Communications: service interruptions. Restricts local government and agencies as well as communication providers’ abilities to interrupt or shutdown communications service without court review and allows public access to emergency 911 services and constitutionally protected expression.
Senate- In Committee-Judiciary.

SB 1161 (Padilla; D-Pacoima): Communications: Voice over Internet protocol and Internet protocol enabled communications service. Prohibits Public Utilities Commission from regulating voice calls made through the Internet unless provided in the law.
Senate-In Committee-Energy, Utilities and Communications.

SB 1298 (Padilla; D-Pacoima): Vehicles: autonomous vehicles: safety and performance requirements. Authorizes the operation of autonomous vehicles by a licensed driver on public roads if safety conditions are met.
Senate-In Committee-Appropriations.