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State Developmental Services Seeks Vendors for Tech Pilot Program

The California Department of Developmental Services is requesting input into the design and evaluation of a technology pilot program, to test whether remote services and support could help residents “lead more independent lives.”

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The state department charged with making life better for residents with developmental disabilities wants to hear from IT vendors regarding a new project.

In a request for information (RFI) released Aug. 29, the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) seeks input into the design and evaluation of a technology pilot program, to test whether remote services and supports could be an effective option to enable people to “lead more independent lives, increase their access to bilingual services” and, when they choose and it’s safe, reduce reliance on “one-to-one in-person direct support.” The department, per its website, is charged with ensuring that state residents with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to make choices and lead independent, productive lives in the least restrictive settings possible. Among the takeaways:

  • DDS is the agency via which the state provides services and support to the developmentally disabled and their families. Services offered through the CA regional center system, in contract with DDS, are legislatively mandated. Community-based services are coordinated with 21 nonprofit regional centers; additional services are provided to people who live in state-run developmental centers. State Senate Bill 188 established a remote service and supported the pilot project with a code section requiring its development to test the feasibility of remote individual services and support using tech solutions. DDS wants to work with an entity with “relevant program evaluation experience” to design and evaluate the pilot project.
  • DDS seeks respondents with relevant experience to help it design the pilot for remote individual services that could include collaborating with state agencies, regional centers and participating providers; evaluating, including participants’ and providers’ feedback and satisfaction; and delivering a final evaluation report of the pilot to DDS, to submit to the Legislature by Jan. 10, 2026.
  • Responses to the RFI must include the respondent’s primary business focus, areas of expertise, certifications and/or credentials that are relevant to the RFI’s content. Experience with similar systems must also be included; and the respondent’s experience doing business with the state of California, plus any other recommendations the respondent might find relevant. Officials also want to hear about companies’ experience with program design and evaluation; with the use of technology for delivering services; and with completing program evaluation reports and doing cost benefit analysis. A pricing estimate and a list of deliverables and methodology in proposed pricing, a summary timeline, and a discussion of ongoing support and maintenance are also required.
  • The RFI’s objective is to collect information on current market conditions and information from respondents and suppliers about the availability of goods or services that can meet the state’s needs. The RFI is a solicitation for information only and there will not be a direct resulting contract. State responses to questions are expected to be available Wednesday. Responses are due by 3 p.m. Sept. 27.
Theo Douglas is Assistant Managing Editor of Industry Insider — California.