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Tracking the Spend: Small and Disabled Vet-Owned Businesses

The California Department of General Services has a goal of awarding 25% of contract dollars to certified small businesses (SB) and 3% to disabled veteran business enterprises (DVBE).

Part of the mission of the California Department of General Services (DGS) is to assure access to state government contracts for small businesses and those owned by disabled veterans of the armed forces. To that end, DGS has a goal of awarding 25 percent of contract dollars with California certified small businesses (SB) and 3 percent with disabled veteran business enterprises (DVBE).

How those goals translated to actual transactions is laid out in a DGS data dashboard. For the 2022-23 fiscal year, the 10 companies with which state departments spent the most for computer services (software maintenance and support), ranked by total state spend, were:
  • Taborda Solutions Inc. (SB), $28,877,762
  • Allied Network Solutions Inc. (DVBE), $20,982,214
  • Solutions Simplified (SB), $3,406,812
  • Enterprise Networking Solutions Inc. (SB), $2,696,580
  • Ablegov Inc. (SB), $2,549,657
  • System Solutions DVBE Inc. (DVBE and SB), $2,112,058
  • The iFish Group Inc. (SB), $1,887,528
  • Advanced Technical Solutions (SB), $1,736,899
  • Trinity Technology Group Inc. (SB), $1,594,200
  • Strato Communications Inc. (SB and DVBE), $1,330,285

The periodic reports of spending on IT goods and services by agencies and departments in state government are compiled by Industry Insider — California as a way of highlighting procurements and trends.
Dennis Noone is Executive Editor of Industry Insider. He is a career journalist, having worked at small-town newspapers and major metropolitan dailies including USA Today in Washington, D.C.