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20 Most Promising Data Visualization Solution Providers for 2017

In this review xFusion got recognized for its work in xAQUA®, an open source cloud-read platform for rapid enterprise integration, and data visualization in half the time with 60% less resources.

Developed in 1869 by Mendeleev, the periodic table is considered to be one of the earliest efforts in data visualization. It helped transform early research works of scientists and alchemists into a visualized form of elements in the increasing order of their atomic numbers. Patterns arose—leading to the crucial understanding of how each column of elements showed periodically repeating family-like characteristics. Mendeleev converted raw data into visualized information, which led to knowledge that outlines our understanding of chemistry. Modern enterprises, on similar lines, are striving to explore the ‘hidden’ knowledge locked within the data. Achieving this, however, is a daunting task as challenges around data integration and interoperability are only increasing.

Siloed data located in application silos, legacy systems, paper documents, electronic documents, and the web impede an organization’s ability to aggregate, standardize, contextualize, and visualize data. Concerns around data integrity, quality, and source trustworthiness further compound the difficulties. Enter xFusion Technologies, a Sacramento-based company, that offers a full range of IT services and solutions including systems integration, custom project development, big data, and business analytics services.

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xFusion Technologies is a Sacramento-based firm, offering a full spectrum of IT services in both Public and Private sectors across multiple states.