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AI-Generated Mainframe Development Insights

Generative AI emerged as one of the hottest technological topics in 2023 and it looks to be accelerating in 2024 as companies build out their strategies for adoption. While AI-generated artwork, videos, and text have grabbed headlines on the topic, the use of generative AI to create insights from business data is an exciting application of this new technology. The January 2024 release of enhancements to the BMC AMI suite of solutions includes generative AI to provide insight for BMC AMI zAdviser users with recommendations for DevOps.

Beginning in January, the monthly key performance indicator (KPI) report emailed to BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise customers will include AI-generated insights based on BMC AMI Code Pipeline usage data. Each month, a list of KPIs will be processed for summarization, analysis, and recommendations for improvement based on the four key DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) metrics: lead time for changes, deployment frequency, change failure rate, and mean time to restore service. With this information, customers will be able to quickly see a report on the past month’s development activity as well as positive and negative trends and recommendations on how to improve the velocity, quality, and efficiency of their software development.

BMC Lead Product Manager Spencer Hallman says of the new feature, “It’s putting the ‘advisor’ in zAdviser. The information we used to share in a 30–60-minute meeting is now at the customer’s fingertips in an easy-to-read format, providing incredible insights into their development efforts.”

This new report is an exciting first step in BMC’s efforts to leverage the power of generative AI to help our customers optimize their mainframe environments.

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