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Announcing the 2024 Ransomware Trends Report

The third annual Veeam Ransomware Trends Report is officially HERE !!!

Each year, independent analysts survey unbiased and vetted organizations that experienced at least one cyberattack (breach/ransom/etc.) in the preceding 12 months. The resulting responses were analyzed to provide a comprehensive overview of the evolving threat landscape by surveying 1,200 unbiased IT leaders and implementers, with direct insights into how their organizations managed through and after the attack.

A few fun facts about the annual reports:

  • With 1,200 respondents each year, we’ve now curated the insights of 3,600 organizations — and since the average organization experienced 2.1 attacks annually, the data reflects over 7,500 cyber incidents. And as one might expect, by repeating key questions each year, we’re also able to assess how trends are changing over time.
  • Our analyst firms conduct ‘double-blind’ surveys that ensure anonymity of the respondents, thereby enabling better transparency on breadth of attack, business impacts, organizational issues, etc.
  • Each survey specifically surveys three unique roles to complete a comprehensive understanding of how organizations experience these attacks, including CISO (or similar) executives, security professionals (prevention), and backup administrators (remediation). As a byproduct of surveying the three personas, we’re able to see how their perspectives align or don’t.

Veeam®, the #1 global market leader in data protection and ransomware recovery, is on a mission to empower every organization to not just bounce back from a data outage or loss but bounce forward.