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Backup as a Service is FedRAMP High Ready

Driving cloud transformation and data security for the US government

The cloud is transforming how we work. It has reshaped entire industries, helping organizations reimagine how they serve employees and customers. For today’s federal agencies who are looking to modernize their own in-house technologies, cloud adoption may be central driving force. It represents opportunities to breed new efficiencies, shed legacy tech debt, and rapidly innovate operations. And while adopting cloud-based technologies was historically an onerous and painstaking process, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) removes common hurdles associated with evaluating and consuming cloud-based solutions. Through FedRAMP, federal agencies can rapidly (and confidently) adopt cloud technologies to transform their operations - all while meeting staunch government mandates and security protocols.

What is FedRAMP?

FedRAMP is a US government-wide framework for cloud products and service adoption. It creates a uniform approach to cloud security assessment, authorization and monitoring, and is a hard requirement for government agencies adopting cloud-oriented services such as, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

As part of the 2019 “Cloud Smart” government initiative, FedRAMP was promoted as an agent of change to help agencies evolve into secure and cost-effective cloud-based operations. FedRAMP is categorized into three distinct impact levels of FedRAMP, which denote a cloud solution’s ability to meet specific confidentiality, integrity, or availability controls:
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Cloud adoption for Agencies

Cloud adoption is a significant driver of federal, state and local government, as they look to digitally transform and modernize their operations. However, the promise of cloud adoption was often diminished by the size and the nature of the government sector – which presented unique challenges in cloud service adoption:
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However, with the introduction of FedRAMP, agencies received catalyst for change. Through this government-wide program, federal and local agencies gained a repeatable and effective framework for cloud solution evaluation and adoption. By adhering to clearly documented security, authorization, and certification protocols, FedRAMP introduced a common and transparent method to vet and adopt cloud technologies – agency wide.

FedRAMP benefits…
  • Cloud security awareness
    Gained insight into cloud security solutions and controls, leading to higher confidence in offerings
  • Compliance assurance
    Peace of mind, knowing suppliers listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace adhere to FedRAMP compliance and security designations.
  • Accelerated processes
    Federal, state and local government benefit from streamlined and uniform guidelines that shorten approvals, lighten the burden on IT, and streamline the acquisition processes.
  • Operational efficiencies
    Significant reduction in time and costs due to removing duplication of efforts spent on assessing and evaluating suppliers and testing disparate products
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FedRAMP-certified backup and recovery solutions blend the best of security with the best of SaaS. Organizations get nimble, enterprise-grade protection without the infrastructure, maintenance costs, and IT burden. Agencies can deploy in minutes, remotely manage, and effortlessly scale while keeping data safe, recoverable, and compliant – wherever it may be.
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