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Build Your Cloud on Your Terms with One Seamless Experience

Consider what you can achieve with the data if it was in the right place, at the right time, accessible to the right people. The possibilities are endless.

In today’s environment where vast amounts of data need to be stored, shared, managed, and analyzed for real value, it is critical to build a cloud solution with a data fabric approach. Consider what you can achieve with the data if it was in the right place, at the right time, accessible to the right people. The possibilities are endless. Which is why NetApp has been helping customers build their data fabric since 2014 and recently launched a significant milestone release for customers.

“We are helping to solve our customers’ real problems,” said Matt Dawson, District Manager for the NetApp U.S. Army Enterprise and U.S. Special Operations Command sales team. “Whether is it how to build IoT architectures, mobile computing platforms, or supporting remote offices, we are offering flexible and agile solutions that are supporting over 1000 customers with ONTAP Select.”

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Customers who are seeking a seamless cloud experience to eliminate data silos, access it anywhere, everywhere, and in every form imaginable, want a seamless hybrid multi-cloud experience. It gives the flexibility to build a cloud in any environment – public, private, hybrid – and still have a seamless experience along the way. This approach enables faster development of applications, easy access to data sets for AI, and digital modernization that will transform every organization.

“We have listened to our customers’ requirements and we are truly able to exceed their expectations by allowing them to have their cloud their way, in a hybrid-multi-cloud world,” Renzo Rodriquez, Senior Director, Solutions Engineering for NetApp USPS. “Our customers are now enabled to become the data visionaries required to flawlessly execute on their mission in a complex data driven world.”

NetApp’s latest release, enables customers to choose how they want to approach the cloud and provides one seamless experience everywhere, stripping out the complexities and focusing on simplicity. This is especially critical for public sector customers that face the most stringent of regulatory requirements. Public sector customers can build a cloud environment on-premise yet give developers the ease of use that they would get in a public cloud, with the ability to quickly scale without compromising service levels.

“NetApp’s Data Fabric allows our customers to succeed in their digital transformation on their own specified timeline,” Rodriquez said. “The NetApp Data Fabric gives our customers the ability to manage their data seamlessly and securely no matter where their data resides.”

In a recent post, Matt Watts, director of technology and strategy at NetApp, offers an overview of what is now available to customers by leveraging NetApp Kubernetes Service on NetApp HCI, Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI, and StorageGRID support for AWS Glacier:

    • Developers are enabled to build applications on-premises as easily as in the public cloud.
    • The apps and data are made portable across a hybrid multi-cloud regardless of location, without compromising service levels.
    • The application and data services are centrally orchestrated together across a hybrid multi-cloud.
“At NetApp, we believe that you should build and consume your cloud on your terms,” Watts wrote. “One seamless experience everywhere—that’s what building your data fabric can help you to achieve.”

To watch Matt discuss the announcement CLICK HERE

State and local government agencies of all levels count on NetApp for software, systems and services to manage and store their most important asset, their data.