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CA DMV Global Finalist, Gartner EYE ON INNOVATION AWARD - Government

Vote for California DMV's Cal ID Initiative!

California DMV's Cal ID initiative is a global finalist at Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards for Government 2022. We invite you to vote for DMV's submission that innovated services to Californians via process learning, AI, bots and legislative updates.

Check out the options and video summary and vote here. The link will take you to the Gartner Awards voting page. DMV's Cal ID initiative is on the Americas page after the APAC voting page. Voting is only open to government officials.


More information on CA DMV's Cal IT Initiative:

Finalist Program: California ID (CalID) Interagency Portal Project, CA Department of Motor Vehicles

This interdepartmental initiative (Motor Vehicles, Corrections, Human Services) benefits the individuals who are soon to be released from state prison and those people experiencing homelessness but require identification to gain assistance through various State or County organizations.



This initiative streamlines the manual, paper-based process of issuing ID cards to both eligible inmates released from California Department of Corrections (CDCR) facilities and the people experiencing homelessness receiving support through Department of Social Services (DSS).


The solution uses a verify specialized mobile tablet that captures biometrics to establish the identity of the inmates and people experiencing homelessness. It also enables a digital interaction between multiple state agencies via an Interagency portal that allows multiple agencies communicate, submit documentation, determine eligibility and track workload status electronically.


The digital dashboard gives the DMV a business activity monitoring tool, providing visibility into the digital workload. The CDCR and DSS users can electronically submit the required documents through the Interagency Portal for ID eligibility review and application processing. The dashboard for viewing records and initiating new applications is accessed in a web browser via a URL. The online platform is enabled via a secure cloud infrastructure, federated identity, bots and Intelligent Document Processing tools for further reduction in manual work.


With close to 2000 applicants in need are served each month. Utilizing the paper process, applicants received their ID cards in 3-4 months. Now, applications submitted via the Interagency Portal, along with waste reduction in the process, allows individuals to receive their ID cards in 1/3rd of the previous timeline. Further reduction is anticipated (by two additional weeks) in end-to-end processing via bot automation. The new tech also enables serving an additional population that previously required a DMV field office visit, on site at CDCR (17-20% additional) 


More information on Gartner's Eye on Innovation Awards available here. Clicking the vote button on this page will take you to the Gartner Awards voting page where you can check out options and video summaries and vote (CA DMV is on the Americas page - after the APAB voting page). 

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