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Confronting Backlash: The Case for DEI&B

Move your DEI&B efforts forward in the face of public backlash.

Over the past year, many organizations have offered bold public statements condemning racism and promising to prioritize DEI&B as a business imperative.

While these statements have been met with applause from a broad cross-section of employees and customers, they have also generated a significant level of backlash, which poses a significant threat to establishing and sustaining a culture of inclusion, engagement, and productivity.

In Confronting Backlash: The Case for DEI&B, you’ll hear from strategic advisors and a business psychologist about how to outline strategies to anticipate and overcome the DEI&B backlash to create workplace cultures where employees and organizations can thrive. After watching, you will:

  • Understand why this is such an important time to prioritize DEI&B efforts
  • Gain insight into the importance of using a change management approach to implementing DEI&B initiatives
  • Recognize the various causes of backlash and its consequences, and develop strategies to move your DEI&B efforts forward


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