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Cybersecurity Forecast 2024

Insights for future planning

As technology advances, attackers are constantly changing their tactics. What should your security team be thinking about to confidently respond to the latest cyber threats in 2024?

The Google Cloud Cybersecurity Forecast 2024 report equips security professionals with insights on cybersecurity trends in the year ahead based on frontline intelligence from our experts across Google Cloud.

Read the report to learn what our experts anticipate for the cybersecurity industry in 2024, including:
  • Attackers incorporating AI into their operations and defenders using it to strengthen detection and response
  • Nation-states continuing to conduct cyber operations to achieve their geopolitical goals
  • Attackers continuing to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities and using other techniques to evade detection
  • A rise in hacktivism and other cyber activity related to major global conflicts, elections, and the Summer Olympics
  • Shifting trends in the development of malware, making it quicker to create and harder to detect

Click on the report to download and learn what your organization should be on the lookout for in 2024.
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