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Demands on Today’s Data Highlights Need for Intelligent Storage

Discover how one law enforcement agency put storage at the center of a transformational upgrade

Digital transformation is driving an exponential explosion of data.

The total amount of data in the world grew from 1.2 trillion gigabytes in 2010 to 59 trillion gigabytes in 2020, a growth factor of nearly 50, according to Forbes.

IDC writes, “The amount of data created over the next three years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years.”

This data—from mobile devices, embedded sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other digital technologies—has great potential value. It can be analyzed for insights into user behaviors, workflows, network quality, device efficiency, and more. Enterprises can use the knowledge gleaned from their data to guide business strategy and improve operations.

It is also important for many enterprises to access data in real time, whether it’s at the point of sale in a retail store, on the show floor of a car dealership, or at the registrar’s office of a state university. That’s why resilient, affordable data storage is critical to an enterprise’s running efficiently.

For some enterprises, though, reliable storage and data accessibility are about more than facilitating student matriculation or a sale. They are a matter of life and death. A large law enforcement/public safety agency in the United States realized that it needed faster access to data, particularly in the field, where quick decisions are frequently made in the midst of intensely stressful situations with lives at stake. Trying to access the right information from multiple data sources such as state and local departments and bureaus only compounds the challenge.

This law enforcement agency needed a reliable back-end infrastructure to fulfill its mission of protecting the public and enforcing state laws. Whether dealing with a highway crash or a hostage situation, agency personnel rely on the availability and responsiveness of their digital information systems.

But that’s not what the agency was getting from its previous storage vendor. There were performance issues, lack of interoperability between platforms and databases, siloed data, and unacceptable levels of service and uptime. To make matters worse, storage costs kept going up even as agency leaders were under political and public pressure to control spending.

The agency wanted a storage system that could meet real-time demands for data access, thus increasing efficiency and shortening response time. The system had to ensure high levels of availability and performance, plus scalability to handle surges in use. It had to be low-maintenance and easy to manage. And it had to deliver predictable costs and help reduce operational overhead.

Migrating to HPE Primera

After considering several storage solutions, the agency opted to migrate its 911 system to the HPE Primera Storage platform and engage longtime HPE partner Entisys360 as the solutions integrator to manage the installation. The decision reflected the agency’s decade of positive experience with using HPE’s 3Par platform for general storage.

A high-end, intelligent data storage system, HPE Primera offers the agency operational efficiency, versatility, reliability, manageability, and predictable high performance to provide instant access to data. Entisys360 brings decades of experience in serving the IT infrastructure needs of public sector organizations as well as deep expertise in optimizing HPE enterprise storage and storage-as-a-service solutions.

Primera’s integrated platform includes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, along with data analytics that enable:

  • Predictive analytics for infrastructure
  • Improved performance and capacity planning 
  • Faster problem resolution
  • More efficient resource utilization

Primera also features a scale-out architecture that provides enterprises with nonstop (six 9s plus) availability, security, low latency, a services-oriented storage OS, and superior performance at any level of usage. With the ability to operate in hybrid IT environments, HPE Primera can be integrated into diverse infrastructures.

Entisys360 applies industry best practices and proven methodologies to help HPE deliver maximum value to its private and public-sector enterprise storage customers. With a robust set of capabilities, Entisys360 storage management solutions empower organizations to transform their IT environment through gains in operational efficiencies, automation, and monitoring.

The Primera platform does more than transform the storage experience for customers. By simplifying routine management at scale through automation, HPE Primera enables enterprise IT pros to be more effective in their job, liberating them from mundane tasks so they can focus on higher-value activities that support enterprise goals. The net effect is a more successful organization.

HPE is the first established enterprise storage vendor to leverage these technologies to this extent, and it has done this in a way that will set a new customer experience bar for high-end storage,” IDC wrote in a white paper. The analyst firm predicts that “we will see more enterprise storage vendors moving in this direction with their solutions as well over the next two to three years.

The demands of digital transformation require a new kind of enterprise storage solution, one that is reliable, scalable, secure, intelligent, easy to manage, and able to meet real-time data access needs. Equally important is choosing the right storage technology partners for your solution, integration, and support.

With intelligent, self-managing storage solutions such as Primera and Nimble Storage, HPE is an acknowledged market leader in digital storage technology for enterprises. HPE delivers a scalable and reliable storage experience to its customers that improves business performance and ROI while reducing costs and management hassles.

Entisys360 is the West Coast’s top solutions integrator, helping enterprises deploy emerging technologies across multiple computing environments and offering a wide range of best-of-breed managed, engineering, and consulting services.

Entisys360 is an HPE Platinum Partner Solution Provider and Platinum Aruba Partner. It has demonstrated public sector competence in its 30 years of experience in helping organizations with their storage needs and currently provides storage and other technologies and services under state contracts.

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