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Dixie State University Selects Pluralsight to Support Technology Skills Development for All Students, Faculty and Staff

Dixie State University partners with Pluralsight to provide access to library of technology courses for their students.

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — Pluralsight, the technology workforce development company, today announced that Dixie State University (DSU), soon to be Utah Tech University, has selected Pluralsight as its strategic partner to help university students augment their education with technology-based skills to enhance their career and future, regardless of area of study.

This partnership will give all current students, faculty, and staff at DSU unlimited access to Pluralsight Skills. With access to thousands of online courses and hands-on learning experiences on innovative technology topics such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI and machine learning, data science and software development, DSU students will have the opportunity to expand their technology acumen and be prepared to compete in an increasingly digital world.

“We’re excited to partner with Pluralsight to provide all our students, faculty and staff with unlimited access to the entire library of technology courses available on Pluralsight Skills,” Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Michael Lacourse said. “Through this extraordinary partnership, all DSU students are now able to supplement their primary degree program with specialized tech skills.”

The new partnership further establishes the university as an institution where students can advance their future career opportunities before even graduating. Additionally, university alumni will have access to Pluralsight Skills at a significantly discounted price.

As part of the partnership, Pluralsight will establish a Center of Excellence for university faculty, where they can learn best practices and receive additional support and training for identified areas of focus. This additional resource will ensure students are receiving the latest and best technology instruction from faculty that supplements their experience with Pluralsight Skills.

“Pluralsight is thrilled to partner with DSU as an important part of the school’s evolution as they prepare to transition to become Utah Tech University in the coming months. With access to on-demand assessment and training including hands-on learning experiences taught by the world’s leading experts, students and faculty will have the necessary tools to develop crucial technology skills in an increasingly tech-driven world,” said Gary Eimerman, general manager of Pluralsight Skills.

One university student, Applied and Computational Math major Brooklyn Price, used Pluralsight Skills to help give her an edge as she began to explore her career options. “I’m graduating soon so I want to make sure I have the skills to get the job that I want,” Price said. “I used Pluralsight Skills to learn an additional programming language so I could be a triple-threat in the job market.”

“I think this will do a lot of good for our students,” Price said. “A resource like Pluralsight Skills will allow students to get a jump start on their careers because they can better market themselves to prospective employers by showing that they have these added skills.”

Located in St. George, Utah, DSU is a premier open-enrollment teaching institution that offers 200 academic programs at one of the lowest tuition costs in the Western United States. With Pluralsight Skills, students pursuing degrees at the university—even those in the colleges of Humanities & Social Science and Arts—will be better enabled to elevate their future career opportunities, regardless of major.

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