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Dynatrace Launches AI Observability for Generative AI and Large Language Models

This new release enables customers to embrace AI confidently by providing insights into all layers of AI-powered applications, including large language models (LLMs) and generative AI, to manage cost, experience, reliability and security.

During the Perform Conference, now available to view on-demand, Dynatrace announced it has extended its platform to provide holistic observability and security for large language models (LLMs) and generative AI-powered applications. This enhancement to the Dynatrace platform enables organizations worldwide to embrace generative AI confidently and cost-effectively as part of their focus on increasing innovation, productivity, and revenue.

Generative AI is transformational, yet it also poses new challenges for security, transparency, reliability, experience, and cost management. Organizations need AI observability that covers every aspect of their generative AI solutions to overcome these challenges.

Dynatrace is extending its observability and AI leadership to meet this need, helping customers to embrace AI confidently and securely with unparalleled insights into their generative AI-driven applications.

Dynatrace AI Observability leverages the platform’s Davis AI and other core technologies to deliver a precise and complete view of AI-powered applications. As a result, organizations can provide great user experiences while identifying performance bottlenecks and root causes automatically. Dynatrace AI Observability with Davis AI also helps them comply with privacy and security regulations and governance standards by tracing the origins of the output created by their apps with precision. Additionally, it helps them forecast and control costs by monitoring their consumption of tokens, which are the basic units that generative AI models use to process queries.

Read the Blog and Press Release to learn more.

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