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Empowering New Ways of Remote Work

How agencies can reduce costs and increase workforce mobility

Research by analyst firm Gartner, Inc. shows that when employers offer greater flexibility regarding where employees work, the percentage of high performers increases by 7% — from 36% in standard, in-office situations to 43% for employees with work-location flexibility. Public and private sector employers see benefits to their distributed workforce structures, causing many to look for efficient ways to keep employees connected and productive regardless of location. 

5G has become a key component to keeping work-from-anywhere government employees connected. 5G not only delivers low latency and exceptional transmission speeds, but it also extends coverage into rural and urban areas that lack internet connectivity. Unprecedented change requires unconventional solutions. As we all embrace the new world of work, T-Mobile is launching a major new suite of Work From Anywhere solutions for businesses and organizations that face adapting to the post-COVID world that’s changing how we work.

Download the the e-book and discover key tips and practices to empower productivity, reduce costs, and work from anywhere.
T-Mobile provides innovative government wireless & mobility solutions to help the public sector stay connected, secure and responsive, even during an emergency.