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Five Simple Steps to Improve Government Website User Experience

Creating an excellent government website user experience is not unattainable, but it requires consistency and organizational commitment.

While methodologies and techniques for improving User Experience are not some mysterious well-kept set of practices, where organizations fail to meet user needs is in not committing to perpetual improvements, optimizations, and course correction over time.

As different brands innovate and new technologies emerge, users are introduced to ever-evolving experience trends. However, while visual design or graphic asset style is oftentimes a matter of seasonal reinvention, by going back to the basics of communication and interaction we can keep up with the user expectation and provide delightful digital services.

The five steps to dramatically improving the website user experience include:

  1. Regularly review website analytics
  2. Learn how people use the website
  3. Improve page loading speed
  4. Rewrite high profile pages
  5. Develop an accessible design system

Explore more details and resources for each of the five steps, and learn about simple things you can do to improve the website user experience.

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