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Free Power BI Consultation with Kiefer Consulting

Starting now, we’re offering new and existing clients a free Power BI consultation.

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. It might be time to add data to that list. Mountains of data are being created at every moment and you need to find a way to scale those mountains or risk being crushed underneath them.  

At Kiefer Consulting, our Data Analytics and Visualization practice area has been built to help you make sense of – and make better decisions based on – all that data. By leveraging the amazing capabilities of Microsoft Power BI – the industry-leading business intelligence platform – your organization can uncover valuable, actionable insights displayed via stunning visualizations.  

But maybe you’re not sure where to start or even how to start. That’s where Kiefer Consulting comes in. Starting now, we’re offering new and existing clients a free Power BI consultation. Kiefer’s experts can help you leverage Power BI to extract meaningful insights from your data, to deliver process and reporting optimization and to produce powerful visualizations to view and understand your data as never before. 

In addition to answering your questions about Power BI, as part of your free consultation Kiefer will: 

  • Provide a practical introduction to Power BI
  • Share how to promote the idea of “data culture”  in your organization
  • Offer tips to create organizational demand for Power BI
  • Showcase the benefits of Power BI by providing relevant examples of dashboards and visualizations
  • Help you understand appetite and capacity to mature
  • Introduce the concept of the Maturity Roadmap

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Kiefer Consulting is here to help you understand your data in ways that will transform your business and provide you with real-time, actionable intelligence. Power BI is all about turning insights into action​, improving data quality, gaining a better understanding of your business, and helping you with fact-based decision making so you can answer mission-critical questions.  

Data shouldn’t hold your business down. Data should help your business rise up. And a free consultation with Kiefer Consulting can help get your organization on the path toward data enlightenment. To schedule your free Power BI consultation, call 916-932-7220 or visit our website.

Kiefer Consulting is a distinguished Microsoft Gold Partner, who works closely with their customers to transform and optimize business processes through seamless technical solutions.