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With the world in constant flux, the ability to quickly pivot makes all the difference. Waiting for developers to code and build applications that you can use to implement changes takes valuable time and money. What if creating and editing apps was easy enough, and the time from idea and ideation to production ready services could be done quickly?

Low-code, no-code software platforms hold this promise and Pega’s cloud platform is one of the leaders. Pega’s low-code/no-code platform is helping clients excel by providing “software that writes software” - changing what is possible and who can design and configure applications. Pega’s low-code capability means you don’t need an engineering background to make and/or edit an app. The platform is also fostering collaboration around human-centric design focused on the journey and experience you want to deliver.

Intuitive visual tools enable business and IT to work together seamlessly, while Pega automatically generates, adjusts, documents, and implements the software so it’s ready to go. It all happens on the cloud, so you can get started fast, stay flexible, and focus on the future.

Pega’s Low-code platform includes tools that make application development simple. These include drag-and-drop functionality, intuitive process flow capabilities, and visual guidance. Anyone, regardless of technical ability, can build applications. You don’t need to be an engineer to build applications. This empowers a lot of people beyond the walls of IT to take ownership, streamline common development tasks, increase productivity, and ultimately, free up development resources.

Low-code is not just for business users and citizen developers – experienced developers love it, too.  Saving time on tedious segments of coding, maintenance, accelerating the ability to deliver what their clients want, and finding new ways to innovate and design applications that truly make a difference.

As a toolset, the Pega Platform reduces the need to think about spreading maintenance costs over the life of applications, it allows developers to employ their skill in more meaningful ways, and it makes it easier to align teams around a well-defined, user-focused vision.

Given the benefits, it’s clear why a growing number of organizations are adopting these tools!

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