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How Can Governments Scale Up Cloud Adoption?

Cloud adoption rate among governments could be higher. Government CIOs need to devise a strategy to improve the success ratio.

Cloud computing is now more than a decade old and deployed by many private and public organizations. However, when it comes to some governments, cloud migration challenges ranging from security issues to deployment often outweigh potential benefits.

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A recent Gartner Cloud End User Buying Behavior Survey found that overall, 63% of government cloud computing initiatives have succeeded. This result is not far behind the global, all-industry average of 68%.
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Failures occur in production rather than in pilot phase and the failure of government cloud deployments (24%) is nearly triple that of the all-industry average of 9%. Some of the reasons why they are higher among governments are that some objectives are overly stretched and unrealistic or pilot projects often have inadequate access to skilled resources.

Government CIOs must ignore a false sense of obligation to bring a failing project to fruition, and focus on agility and scalability to help them and IT leaders build new digital capabilities in the cloud.

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Government CIOs can take the lead and improve future cloud adoption by:

  • Ensuring that the whole organization understands the intent, direction and roadmap of cloud adoption.
  • Establishing a fully empowered cloud center of excellence.
  • Supplementing skills shortage and seeking knowledge transfer.
  • Expanding software as a service (SaaS) use and implementing user-friendly controls.
  • Ensuring cloud adoption involves the whole organization, not just IT.

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