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How e360's Enterprise Technology Contract Simplifies the Procurement of HPE Technology Solutions for State Agencies

e360 recognizes the unique missions, environments, and IT programs, as well as complex policies and procurement processes of state and local government agencies and offers the understanding, capability and trusted relationships needed to address your most important IT initiatives.

By Joseph Sogge

Vice President, Public Sector



As a state government agency, your organization faces many of the same IT challenges as your private sector counterparts. At the end of the day, the primary objectives are to contain costs, simplify management and maintain high availability while finding new ways to increase security, compliance, scalability, and recovery from service interruptions.


Yet, despite the broad similarities, government organizations have completely unique missions, environments, and IT programs, as well as complex policies and procurement processes. At e360, we recognize these unique differences and offer the understanding, capability, and trusted relationships you need to address your most important IT initiatives.


Decades of Government IT Experience and Team Approach Sets e360 Apart

For more than three decades, our clients in the public sector have placed their trust in e360 when it comes to solving their most pressing technology challenges. Our team approach and speed at which we can deliver results truly sets us apart from our competition. 


This is one of the reasons we have successfully built relationships strong enough to last a lifetime with both our employees and our clients.


California Enterprise Technology (ET) Contracts and HPE

ET contracts are mandatory for State of California departments when procuring enterprise technology products. Though not mandatory, the contracts are also available for use by any city, county, special district, educational agency, local government body or corporation empowered to expend public funds. 


ET contracts are a vehicle for procuring OEM enterprise-class equipment and related services. Enterprise technology is defined as all data center equipment (equipment in a data center and equipment that can interface with a data center) such as servers, storage, converged and hyper-converged systems, on-campus networking fabric.


Though hardware is the primary focus of the ET contracts, software, accessories, and professional services can be acquired through these contracts but must be ancillary and support the hardware being procured.


e360 has negotiated more than two dozen ET contracts1 that are available to assist California’s state government agencies in their acquisition of information technology and related services, including those offered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). In fact, the entire portfolio of HPE products and IT services are available by way of this statewide contract. This includes the latest technology innovations and designs to help take your organization into the future and beyond, as well as services that combine consulting expertise with operational support for your transformation journey.


Buying agencies are encouraged, but not required to solicit competitive quotations from multiple ET contract holders. When an ET contract is used to sell to an agency other than a State department, e360 must pay the State an administrative fee equivalent to 1% of the value of the purchase. 


For important information on the HPE technology solutions available through e360 as part of the Statewide Enterprise Technology (ET) Contracts, visit


Organizations looking to take advantage of our public sector contracts can contact e360 directly at, or visit our website at


1Though pricing for products and services available through these contracts has been pre-negotiated, buying agencies are encouraged, and sometimes required to solicit competitive quotations from multiple contract holders.


About the Author

Joseph Sogge is Vice President, Public Sector for e360. In this role, he is responsible for enabling business growth in public sector markets throughout California. With a professional background that spans public sector technology and international data center support, Joseph has combined leadership, technical skills, and collaborative problem solving to deliver innovative solutions to the needs of government and business alike. His nearly three decades in California state government and 25 years in information technology have developed a collective capability well suited to helping address the technology needs and business objectives of the public sector.


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