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How Isolation Technology Brings Value to Government and Education

Making browsing safe for everyone, everywhere, anytime, for anything.

How universities benefit from isolation technology

The Challenge
Universities, especially R1 & R2 research institutes, need to allow faculty and students the ability to search the web freely and unrestricted without potentially exposing the university networks to malware and ransomware. When it comes to downloaded materials, the freedom to search the web and conduct such research could result in users unknowingly ending up on compromised websites. And if any material is downloaded from these websites, it can easily result in the spread of malware tied to those malicious documents.

The Solution
By implementing Menlo Security’s Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), malicious web content and documents are disarmed before they reach the students’ or staffs’ devices. This technology isolates all web pages by executing all active content in the cloud — away from the endpoint device — while providing a native and user experience. By taking a true Zero Trust approach to security, it doesn’t matter if the information and content is deemed good or bad. The Menlo Security Cloud Platform powered by an Isolation Core™ assumes that all content is malicious and treats it accordingly. Suspicious documents — such as password-protected files — are rendered as safe PDFs with all active content stripped out, while privileged-user policies allow original document downloads only after anti-virus and sandbox inspections. The result is that only safe, mirrored content is sent to the researchers’ devices — effectively shutting the door on malware.

This gives students and faculty the ability to do the critical research they need while eliminating the web as a threat vector. Everyone is free to search for anything anywhere, at any time.

School districts can safely allow internet use for their students and staff without the fear of ransomware

The Challenge
No doubt, remote learning has created a new approach to the way teachers,students and administrators access the information they need to successfully perform their daily tasks. Regardless of where they are doing it from, school districts need to allow faculty and students the ability to access the Internet and district applications via the web. The number of students and staff across the entire district, the number of computers accessing the Internet, and the amount of data in the district’s network opens them up to a huge amount of risk for malware or ransomware.

The Solution
Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) delivers true Zero Trust by creating a virtual air gap that prevents malicious payloads from ever reaching user devices; in effect, no device and no online resource is trusted. RBI enables students and faculty to view web content and email messages in a cloud-based virtual browser, isolating any malware or hidden code from your systems. Instead of taking an approach based on detection and remediation, isolation prevents malware and intruders from ever reaching network resources.

This means all browsing is safe to do without limitations and with no fear of malware of ransomware.

Law enforcement agencies streamline investigations through anonymous browsing and isolation

The Challenge
Open-source intelligence gathering in support of law enforcement investigations requires officials to search and navigate the web. This may include accessing social media profiles of suspects as well as visiting the dark web or other very risky sites synonymous with malware. Anonymity and non-attribution are crucial to maintaining operational security and to avoid potentially tipping off the suspect to the ongoing investigation. Using regular browser functionality would put law enforcement officials at risk from both a safety perspective and would open their networks to potential cybersecurity threats.

The Solution
Anonymous browsing and isolation allows secure browsing for law enforcement agencies so they can complete the investigations that are necessary to gather information on suspects in these cases. By isolating otherwise threatening sites and categories of research on the web, Menlo Security makes these resources readily available to law enforcement, so they can do their job for efficiently and effectively to keep their community safe.

State residents safely access public records without compromising the government network

The Challenge
State citizens often need to access public records from their local or state agencyweb site. This could be for such things as proof of residency, vehicle records, tax documents or more. In addition, there are situations where citizens are asked to upload forms to a local or state site for proof of identification or to apply for various permits. Think marriage license, fishing license or to renew a vehicle registration. In these cases, it’s important for the agency network to verify the user data they are receiving is not compromised as it is taken into their network. An untrusted user is essentially uploading untrusted data into their trusted network. Without either party’s awareness, this document could contain malware and set off a major issue for the agency’s system where it allowed to enter unchecked.

The Solution
State agencies are increasingly providing access to documents online via Software as a Service, Cloud hosted web applications, and/or traditional colocated on premises web applications. Agencies can rest assured that this is be done securely by using Menlo Private Access (MPA). MPA offers a Zero Trust solution with the added security benefits of our Cloud Security Platform that’s powered by an Isolation Core™. No additional client endpoint software is required unlike competing solutions which rely on client agent software.

The Bottom Line: We make it never happen

Traditional security approaches are flawed, costly, and overwhelming for security teams. Menlo Security is different. It’s the simplest, most definitive way to secure your agency, employees, staff, administration, teachers, and students. We make working from anywhere, anytime and accessing anything from the web possible without the threat of ransomware or other malicious attacks.

If you think one of these scenarios sounds like a situation you are facing or if you are just ready to work each day without the fear of ransomware, we’re ready to answer your questions at: You can also reach out to set up a demo of our Cloud Platform powered by Isolation Core™ or to gain a better understanding of Menlo Private Access.
As a group of unrelenting cybersecurity experts, Menlo Security pioneered an entirely reimagined, impervious approach to security. One that’s built on Zero Trust principles and that leverages isolation as a core architectural pillar. It’s the only way to truly eliminate malware, secure work, and protect productivity—the stuff that matters most to the state and local governments we work with and their end users.