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How to Bring Clarity to Public Sector Contract Management

The public sector is complex, and the work it does is critical to society.

Ever-changing challenges can shift priorities in a moment. Current events, swiftly developing technology, and election results all can influence any organization’s to-do list.

The contract management process shouldn’t be one of those challenges. That’s because organizations have more than just contract management to consider. They are responsible for project outcomes, employees’ well-being, compliance matters, and data security, among many other areas.

Given today’s technology, there is a great opportunity to improve the contracting process. Certain procedures that might have worked well in the past now need to be modernized to keep up with today’s pace. With the demand for public sector services growing, organizations need to make the most of their teams’ time. Quite frankly, if teams are bogged down in paperwork, ideal time management is simply not happening.

We built the Crowe Contract Manager for public sector to help organizations save time and improve their contract management process. Managing contracts involves many moving parts and typically multiple stakeholders. Organizations need a tool that brings clarity to the contracting process, saves time, provides transparency between organizations and vendors, and offers insight into how taxpayer dollars are being spent.

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What is Crowe Contract Manager?

The Crowe Contract Manager for public sector facilitates the entire contract management process for state and local agencies. From contract initiation to contract closeout – and every step in between – it can resolve issues seen every day in public agencies related to tracking and managing contracts.

Crowe Contract Manager for public sector is a software solution that helps organizations answer common contract management questions at a glance, including:

  • When are our contracts expiring?
  • Do we need to get a contract renewal process started?
  • What are all our contractors doing?
  • How far along are they on their contracts?
  • How much money is left in a contract?
  • Can any money be reallocated to another project?

Crowe Contract Manager for public sector is built on the Microsoft Power Platform™ and is a part of the Crowe Government Hub, a suite of software solutions that can manage government operations on a single platform.

How can it help your team work better?

It can be tough to track the entire contract life cycle across disparate systems – especially given how many contractors the public sector employs. With Crowe Contract Manager for public sector, teams can save time, reduce human error, and proactively manage contracts. Because this solution streamlines processes, it allows teams to make the most of their time. As a result, organizations can better meet their goals and the growing demand for public services.

Crowe Contract Manager for public sector can improve the contract management process by offering four main benefits. By using this solution, organizations can:

1. Know when to take action

The solution’s dashboard gives a consolidated view of the status of all outstanding contract obligations. By using this dashboard, teams can see at a glance when they need to address something.

2. Deal with current data

The solution creates a view of the status of all contracts and quickly pinpoints the next steps and red flags with automated updates. There’s no need to wonder if spreadsheet data is up to date.

3. Free up timesheet time

The solution gives vendors access to electronic timesheets. Vendors can then enter their time automatically. Once hours are approved, contract information will be instantly updated.

4. Standardize closeout checklists

The solution includes a standard checklist at the end of each contract to streamline closing out a vendor. Teams can also add or remove additional items to the checklist based on their needs or update the template so that every project receives the new checklist item.

Let us help you improve your process.

Want to know more about how our solution can save time and bring clarity to public sector contract management? You won’t regret saying goodbye to antiquated systems and hello to a secure, accessible, cloud-based solution.

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