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HPE InfoSight provides key benefits to your organization’s well-being

Multitude of benefits to your organization’s Infrastructure.

AI-driven Management- Seeing ahead to get you ahead:  HPE InfoSight takes the guesswork out of managing infrastructure. It tells you how you can improve performance, optimize your resources, and plan for the future. And with its cloud‑based portal, it’s easy for you to take advantage of its intelligence.

Delivering a support experience you actually like:

HPE InfoSight transforms support into an experience without the headaches and frustration. Dubbed a necessary evil, vendor support in the industry has always been post‑mortem, break‑fix with multi-tiered escalations, mundane questions, manual log files, and finger‑pointing.

Problems predicted and prevented:

HPE InfoSight puts the focus on prevention. It uses predictive analytics to predict, prevent, and auto-resolve problems from storage to VMs before they can affect your business. Hundreds of predictive signatures from availability, performance, security, capacity, to data protection are continuously monitored in every system across the installed base.

If there is ever a problem experienced in the installed base, HPE InfoSight learns to predict the issue and prevent anyone else from seeing the same problem.

No more escalations:

Predictive analytics takes away support escalations. HPE can eliminated Level 1 and 2 support since 86% of problems simply go away. So, in the rare case, you need support, and you can speak directly to Level 3. Never be escalated again.

Rapid root cause:

HPE InfoSight already has the information about your environment, so even the most complex issues get resolved quickly. Never recreate a problem or send log files again.

We’ll call you:

If HPE InfoSight detects a problem that can’t be automatically resolved, then our support engineers proactively investigate and reach out with the fix—even if the problem is outside of storage. Never worry about who to call because we call you.

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