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IBM Watsonx: A New Era of AI For Business

At Think 2023, IBM announced watsonx, an AI and data platform designed to help enterprises scale and accelerate the impact of the most advanced AI with trusted data.

While AI has made significant progress over the last decade, it has now reached a new inflection point driven by recent advancements in generative AI. These innovations are creating new opportunities for companies to infuse AI into the core of their business, with AI models that are accurate, trusted and governed.

IBM watsonx is built with this in mind, providing everyone from business users to data scientists with access to a single platform where they can build their own AI models–or fine-tune high quality AI models that include generative AI and machine learning capabilities, using their own data, and deploy them at scale in a trusted and open environment.

IBM watsonx is comprised of three solutions:

- -> a complete, enterprise-ready AI studio to train, validate, tune and deploy AI models and a library of curated and trained IBM and open source foundation models.

- -> a data store built on open lakehouse architecture optimized for governed data and AI workloads.

- watsonx.governance -> a toolkit encompassing both data and AI governance to enable responsible, transparent and explainable AI workflows.

A new era in AI has arrived! To learn more join watsonx Day - Put AI to work with watsonx on June 21, 2023. For any questions or requests contact your IBM Representative today.
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