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Leading through the Disruption of COVID-19

Accelerate digital transformation today for a better tomorrow

Disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is redefining all aspects of society into what can only be defined as a “great reset.” Impacts to government that result from this pandemic will be structural and permanent. Public Sector leaders must immediately address the operational crisis while also ensuring they can deliver flexible services for the long-term.​

Gartner Consulting is helping public sector organizations navigate these uncharted waters across the globe to minimize disruption to critical services – specifically, to optimize spend and protect resources, enable effective remote workforces, and learn from disruption to be better equipped for future crises.


Examples of how we are helping public sector clients during the COVID-19 crisis include:

  • For a major US city at the epicenter of crisis, we are providing data analytics to forecast hospital surge capacity and source-critical equipment.

  • We are assisting a government department to assess employee skills, availability, and digital enablement to sustain productivity during the crisis.

  • A large public health organization engaged us to rationalize its application portfolio and optimized costs and contracts to ensure they are ready not only in the current crisis but prepared for the next one.

What makes Gartner Consulting different, makes us stronger during this crisis.

Gartner Consulting is independent and objective, with unparalleled access to world-class best practices from across the globe​. We combine these market-leading insights, advice, and tools with custom analysis​ to expedite results on your critical initiatives​.  Helping you sustain, recover, and thrive in the new normal.


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