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Lighten Your Team’s Workload with IBM Watsonx Orchestrate

You know that bottomless list you make every day full of frustrating, repetitive tasks? What if you could clear it and get work done faster? It’s possible, with IBM watsonx Orchestrate™, featuring generative AI and automation technology designed to free you up to pursue more on your “want-to-do" list.

What could you do with more time in the day? Here are some starting points and benefits of Orchestrate to help:
  • Increased efficiency - streamline your workflow by letting Orchestrate automate tasks, find information and simplify complex processes, saving you time and effort. Then you can focus on high impact actions.  According to research from the IBM Institute for Business Value, executives report using an array of transformative tools, including AI and automation technologies, to develop intelligent workflows and deliver rapid insights across ecosystems.

    Over the next two years, they expect a significant increase in extreme automation, powered by AI and machine learning. Not surprisingly, they expect these digital labor-enabled advances to increase by 20% in the next two years.

  • Better business results - use natural language to interact with Orchestrate and complete tasks and processes across your existing systems with confidence that the right information is found and the next best step is being taken.

    IBM watsonx Orchestrate™ is here to help by bringing the power of AI to every employee. Watsonx™ Orchestrate delivers conversational AI and automation capabilities to help transform how work gets done in the enterprise through a unified user-management experience. Watsonx Orchestrate can be personalized with the skills to support your teams using the tools they already use. With an expanding catalog of capabilities, known as skills, the watsonx Orchestrate solution can handle both common and complex tasks. Changing how work gets done allows companies to achieve better business outcomes faster.

  • Personalized and protected - skill up Orchestrate with the capabilities that make the most impact to your business. Import existing automations into the platform, seamlessly build new automations and assign to your AI assistant to get work done with security you can trust.

    IBM watsonx Orchestrate automates your time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on the work that matters most to you. When you engage Orchestrate with a request, it might use a simple skill (add a row to a table) or build on a complex collection of skills (find contacts, create a table of those contacts, and then send an email to them) needed to accomplish that piece of work. The skills catalog in watsonx Orchestrate contains 1000s of prebuilt skills to help you accomplish a wide range of tasks. When you use Orchestrate to employ these prebuilt skills, you free up time to collaborate and innovate.

Explore IBM watsonx Orchestrate solution and read case studies of where it is in action today HERE.

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