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Modernize Your ECM with a Content Services Platform (CSP)

In today's fast-paced business landscape, your content and data play a vital role in driving your organization forward. While Enterprise Content Management (ECM) may be outdated or merely an archive, it's crucial to recognize that you can modernize with a Content Services Platform (CSP).

A CSP offers organizations a more agile, flexible, and comprehensive approach to managing content than traditional enterprise content management systems. It focuses on content services, promotes integration and interoperability, and provides an enhanced user experience, positioning it as a preferred choice for modern content management needs.

The traditional ECM use case, rooted in outdated 2000s technology, no longer meets the needs of modern businesses. It's time to embrace a new era of ECM – a Content Services Platform that unleashes the power of your content and data, propelling your business toward success.

CSP Strategy with Hyland's Nuxeo

You deserve a CSP that provides easier access to content and allows you to leverage content and data's value. A nimble, modern CSP provides:

  • Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid Data Storage 
  • Modern Rest API That Still Supports CMIS 
  • Headless Applications AND a Modern UI/UX 
  • Scalability to Over 11 Billion Objects!
  • Speed

These are the tenants on which the Hyland's Nuxeo Platform is built. Hyland's Nuxeo brings additional power so you can design and build applications that apply directly to your business, your content, and your data. This means you can drive your business forward by leveraging the Hyland's Nuxeo Platform and provide a full end-to-end view of your content and data based on user needs AND still have full archive and retention rules applied to meet compliance requirements.

If your business and content challenges demand more than just an archive from your ECM, explore the Hyland's Nuxeo Platform and its unique solution for creating more value from your content.

Content Services Strategy to Storage and Beyond

Now what about the rest of your business – not just the IT and data storage teams? This is where the Hyland's Nuxeo Platform truly shines compared to the standard Enterprise Content Management (ECM) offerings. This is because the Nuxeo Platform is also a full-featured Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that supports images, video, and audio content.

You can store PDFs in the same system as your visual media. The result is the ability to streamline your operations with a system consolidation and the ability to address a broader scope of use cases such as marketing collateral, insurance-claim media, product imagery, customer-submitted content, 3D/CAD designs, and more.

This flexibility exists because the Nuxeo Platform shouldn’t be considered a repository but rather a data integration platform that can receive data from any of your existing business applications and data sources.

Applications and data sources such as Customer Service, Product Information Systems (PIM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Project Management, Usage Rights Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and others relying on Nuxeo to provide you with a full end-to-end view of your content.

Hyland's Nuxeo provides an interface to make the data from all these disparate and disconnected systems searchable and consumable, allowing you to access your content from multiple perspectives and assist users in locating the content they need based on relevant metadata.

Users no longer need access to multiple systems – Nuxeo becomes a single location with the content aggregated in a way that makes it actionable by the users. Content views can be configured so that different sets of metadata can be viewed differently by different users. 

The Genus Professional Services team is uniquely positioned to assist with your ECM modernization initiative project, whether it’s helping to define and configure a unique user experience, implementing a specific business solution, enabling content integrations with other key systems, or migrating to a new platform. Your content should tell your story – make it personal.

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