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NetApp's Data Fabric Game -Test Your Data Management Skills!

Test Your Data Management Skills!

Here is a scenario:

You are an IT manager who oversees the data center of your organization. One morning you walk into the office and the team informs you that the auditors have just left the building and were very angry. They were trying to access the archive files, but it was too slow and hard to find the data they needed. What do you do?

A- Print everything so it is always available
B- Add a multi-tenant solution that can cater to block, file, and object storage
C- Make sure to implement a storage solution that is ready to scale, yet maintain high performance
D- Extend your storage to the cloud
E- Separate your data storage to as many locations as possible so it takes less bandwidth in each location
F- Hire a team of people with photographic memory. Have them go over everything and be available at all times.

Do you think you know the correct answer(s)? Play the NetApp Data Fabric Game and see if you can help the IT manager finally go on vacationland!
Play it on your web browser or download it on the app store
State and local government agencies of all levels count on NetApp for software, systems and services to manage and store their most important asset, their data.