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OutSystems Deepens Commitment to Public Sector through Investment in a FedRAMP Compliant High-Performance Low-Code Development Platform

OutSystems high-performance low-code development platform is used by government agencies like the United States Air Force and Army for building strategic web and mobile applications.

OutSystems, a global leader in high-performance application development, is investing in a FedRAMP compliant version of its OutSystems platform.

The OutSystems high-performance low-code platform enables global organizations to build mission-critical applications with power, security, agility, and scale. It combines the extreme productivity of low-code with the essential capabilities required to build strategic, mission-critical, cloud-native apps – such as web and mobile experiences – while automating critical development processes.

The newest deployment option of the OutSystems platform is built on a state-of-the-art container-based architecture that makes it faster and easier to deploy workloads, with auto scaling to rapidly adjust to fluctuations in demand, high availability to ensure continued uptime, and advanced security to protect sensitive data at every level. OutSystems customers are rapidly and securely building applications that scale to hundreds of millions of users.

Both the United States Air Force and Army are actively building essential applications using the OutSystems platform. The call for cloud-native applications that further accelerate collaboration, experimentation, execution and scale for these agencies has been overwhelming.

OutSystems Investment in FedRAMP Authorization

OutSystems is partnering with a third party FedRAMP consultancy to rapidly assess Revision 5 controls against the platform’s architecture and supporting systems.

”Embracing FedRAMP elevates OutSystems' cybersecurity standards and demonstrates our commitment to client trust. We’re reinforcing our dedication to protecting customers’ sensitive data, solidifying OutSystems as the preferred and trustworthy choice for application design, code, and deployment,” said Clayton C. Peddy, Chief Security Officer at OutSystems.

State, Local and Higher Ed CIOs struggle to keep up with the technical pace of change that their citizens and/or students now require, as well as managing their legacy IT infrastructure. There’s a better way to achieve a true digital transformation without costly hiring or outsourcing. Low-code application development with OutSystems can provide a successful end-to-end digital transformation.